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Chiles4 10-29-08 12:13 PM

GTX 260 bangs into caps on my DFI mainboard!
I have a DFI "BloodIron" (P35) mainboard and bought a BFGTech GTX 260 for it several months ago. The BloodIron has some small caps between the left edge the PCI-E slot and the "backplane" area of the mainboard.

Unfortunately, the GTX 260 has some "structure" that goes below the PCI-E connector height in that same area of the video card. Looking at the pics of all the 260s at Newegg, many (if not all) have these tabs that stick down.

I was able to get things working by bending one cap out of the way. The card now touches the cap but everything is working just fine.

I was thinking of recommending the DFI LP DK P45-T2RS PLUS to my friend along with a GTX 260. Unfortunately, the caps on this board (viewable at Newegg) are the new, stubby kind that cannot be bent.

Here is a pic I made of the situation a while ago.

Anyone else notice this problem? Anyone using a GTX 260 on that DFI P45 board?

I don't think I've ever seen a video card that has "structure" below the slot connector in that area.

henrybravo 10-29-08 12:34 PM

Re: GTX 260 bangs into caps on my DFI mainboard!
Sounds like DFI screwed up on these boards. Knowing how big video cards are these days, it seems a little shortsighted to put capacitors directly inline with a PCI-E slot.

Annihlist 10-31-08 06:20 AM

Re: GTX 260 bangs into caps on my DFI mainboard!
I had a similar problem with my case. Just fit the card by about 1mm. Had to remove pci cards and slot it in diagnally. Bent some capacitors in the process.

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