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Ju Deddo Koinu 05-22-03 06:01 AM

NVIDIA no sound?
I just installed the NVIDIA drivers so I could have the accelerated functions available... Now, my sound is missing. It still detects the soundcard, and even plays music, but there is no output. what could be theproblem?

alien999999999 05-22-03 10:47 AM

are you sure that you had sound when not installing the nvidia drivers?
are the system volume settings high enough? like aumix or kmix ?

Ju Deddo Koinu 05-22-03 02:02 PM

Re: Muting / Audio Levels
You know, that's one thing I didn't think to check (because I never touched the volume settings), but I went in and checked it. Everything is set to about 75% or so, and unmuted. I was listening to music as I downloaded the driver files, then I followed the instructions about changing my inittab to boot to runlevel 3, installled the self-install, modified my XF86Config to nvidia, removing the "dri" lines and adding the "glx" line. Remodified my inittab to boot to runlevel 5 and rebooted. The nVIDIA logo appears, and the graphics run very well now, but as soon as I loaded xmms to listen to music, the sound is missing. I tried rebooting several times, and even modified the XF86Config file back to the original non accelerated 'nv' driver with "dri", and the sound is still missing. I have changed it back to the new accelerated 'nvidia' driver, because if the sound isn't going to work, i'm still going to use the better video drivers. So, the sound disappeared during the installation of the drivers, by my best judgement... But I never modified anything regarding sound that I know of. I read some whitepapers on the driver, and found that some video cards have sound output for some reason, or something similar, but I have no clue about that, though the docs spoke of how to make sure the video card would output sound or something similar. I'm thinking that maybe the driver is directing the sound to my video card, which I know makes little sense, but could be a possiblity? I miss my music!

Ju Deddo Koinu 05-22-03 03:03 PM

I just went to the computer store and bought a cheap soundcard. I installed it, and RedHat found the card, and installed the drivers for it. It is now available on my mixer, and I checked the audio levels / muting for it as well. Everything checked out fine. Still no audio output, but the card is found, and "working fine" as far as I can tell. I have not encountered any errors - merely silence.

Ju Deddo Koinu 05-22-03 04:25 PM

CD Player
I loaded up an audio CD as a second thought about the sound... And it plays perfectly, so I know it's not the card's problem, and I know it's not muting... I just cannot for the life of me understand what happened. not only is xmms not producing sound, however - every program that issues sound is missing it... I can't even watch my videos with sound with mplayer, or play quake with sound, etc.

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