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johnkeel105 10-30-08 04:42 PM

Red Alert 3 Thread
I just bought this game yesterday. So far it seems very fun, still on the Soviet missions. It runs really nice on my PC as well and looks quite good.

Only problem is that EA screwed up the cd-key servers so I am unable to get online so far.

Anybody else got this game?

crainger 10-30-08 04:45 PM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
We have to wait until 06-NOV here. ::(:

johnkeel105 10-30-08 04:53 PM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
Thats a shame, hopefully the mutiplayer stuff will be worked out by the time you get it. So far I have a good $65 game that I can only play singleplayer on. One neat feature I noticed was that all singleplayer missions are co-op!

H3avyM3tal 10-30-08 04:55 PM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
Bought the Premier version myself, waiting for it to arrive next week!
Can't wait!!!

johnkeel105 10-30-08 04:57 PM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
HeavyMetal the soundtrack is really cool. They have the many versions of Hell March and all the CNC3 music. I havent got through all of it, but its cool so far!

LordJuanlo 10-31-08 04:46 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
Mine should arrive next week

K007 10-31-08 05:21 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
the hell march sound track starts out ok but man -.-...ra2 nailed it i think

EciDemon 10-31-08 05:26 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
Is this game also locked at 30fps as C&C3?

RAY16 10-31-08 06:18 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread

Originally Posted by EciDemon (Post 1828815)
Is this game also locked at 30fps as C&C3?

From what I've read, yes. I don't see the issue with it, personally. /shrugs

Anybody try co-op yet? That's pretty much the only reason why I'm tempted to buy it as I suck at standard Vs play in RTS games.

EciDemon 10-31-08 06:32 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
Thanks Ray, the 30fps limit in C&C3 was the only real complaint I had about the game

nekrosoft13 10-31-08 07:39 AM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
why? its a strategy game it doesn't need more then 30fps.

JH24 10-31-08 03:11 PM

Re: Red Alert 3 Thread
I'm really enjoying this game! I first thought I wouldn't like it that much but I'm really pleasantly surprised.

The graphics are beautiful, the sounds and soundtrack are good and the game really has a funny and nice atmosphere. I only played a few skirmishes so far and after that I'll start a campaign.

Another positive thing for me is that I really like the three sides. In contrast to C&C 3, were I only liked NOD, disliked GDI and hated the Scrin. They are all designed very well and are all very fun and interesting to play.

Another part I like is the way they designed the water. (Playing on "High" settings) It looks really amazing and the game really invites you to build large naval fleets. The reflection on the water is great too.

I'm quite impressed so far. IMHO, a lot better than C&C 3, were I never could really get into.

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