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$n][pErMan 11-01-08 11:50 AM

Worth it?
Pretty simple thread directed toward those with new video cards. Is it worth me upgrading my trusty 8800GTX to either the 280GTX or ATi's equivalent? I suppose my card is really not holding me back to much but it would be nice to be able to use AA in say Crysis or SCS... but would the jump be worth it for the price? Specs in sig. :)

Tho Jo Smale 11-01-08 02:59 PM

Re: Worth it?
I got the 4870 1gb....it's a good card....I don't recommend the 512mb version though. I noticed a big difference......from my 8800GTX.


HopkinsProgramm 11-01-08 03:18 PM

Re: Worth it?
I upgraded my 8800GTX to a GTX 280, and I am very impressed! I can play games like Dead Space at 3840x1200 resolution, with max settings, with no problems, haha! :)

john19055 11-07-08 07:00 AM

Re: Worth it?
Yes it is a big upgrade ,I was running two 9800GTx in SLI and I thought it was a good upgrade even if my two 9800GTx's were faster in some games ,the GTX 280 was just smoother and was'nt that much slower..The min frame rates are higher with a GTX 280.If you go with ATI,A 4870 make sure you go with the 1gig card ,it is just a better card because of the extra vram.

LabShark 11-14-08 08:09 AM

Re: Worth it?
I went from 2x 8800GTXs to 3x GTX 280s and am quite happy.

marakaid 11-19-08 07:17 AM

Re: Worth it?
With your monitor and processor specs, yes, it is worth if you like gaming a lot and prefer high quality settings.
I see some 3dmark 2006 results on your signature, I got those some months ago:
8800GT, P35 mainboard, E6750, 6 GB DDR2 667: around 10700 points.
280GTX, P45 mainboard, Q6600, 4 GB DDR2 667;: around 16000 points.

john19055 11-19-08 10:10 AM

Re: Worth it?
I have just a Q6600 clocked at 3240Gig and with one GTX 280 I get 16,450 in 3DMark06 and in 3DMark Vantage I get 14,597 and in SLI I get 21,027

methimpikehoses 11-19-08 10:22 AM

Re: Worth it?
You'd notice a difference between what you have and a 280 or 4870 1gb.

I recommend the 4870x2. ;)

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