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john19055 11-02-08 11:40 PM

One Overclocked GTX280 and a Stock GTX 280
I am useing a 680i SLI board and does it manner which slot I put the faster card in,want it slow down to the loweset clocked one.I have heard so many different things.I heard if you put the fastest card in slot one then it will try to play both of them at the faster clock.I heard which ever card is in slot one is what it will play at.But if that is the case what if the slower one want overclock as high as the overclocked one.Would'nt I run it to trouble with game freezes and artifacts.I know if that is the case then put the slower one in slot one.But I know they are a lot of people here with SLI cards and which is true.Does it manner which slot I put either card in want it slow to the slowest clocked one no manner what.

john19055 11-03-08 01:48 AM

Re: One Overclocked GTX280 and a Stock GTX 280
never mind I found what I was looking for on SLI zone

john19055 11-07-08 07:22 AM

Re: One Overclocked GTX280 and a Stock GTX 280
BFG is running a good special ,if you buy a GTX 260 or a GTX 280 you get a $30 to $50 rebate and you get a Free copy of FarCry2 and a copy of 3DMark Vantage Advance Edition and a BFG super Bright Flash lite.You can get a BFG GTX 260 for $265 with a $30 rebate $235 and then you add the FarCry2 3dMark Vantage Advance Edition and the BFG super bright flash lite ,it a pretty good deal.The BFG GTX 280 OC $409 and $359 with the $50 rebate plus the game package.I bought a BFG GTX 280 OCX the first time ,but I just bought the plain BFG GTX 280 and it overclock to a OCX and farther.It came at 602/1296/1102 but I had no problem getting it to run at 702/1512/2592,but since my BFG GTX 280 OCX came clocked at 666/1458/2400,I can just run it in the first slot and run them in SLI at 666/1458/2400.

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