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nvjarett 05-22-03 10:42 PM

got my leadtek 5800U today
This card is very fast and quiet so far I'm very happy with it. It was marked up $40 but I didn't mind shelling out the extra cash to have a top of the line video card. The 5900 is not far off but I'm tired of waiting and am satisfied NOW. This card has a quieter cooling solution and its silent in 2D apps. All current games run smooth and image quality is real crisp. I recommend it highly.

bkswaney 05-22-03 10:45 PM

Glad to hear it. :D
Yes the 5800's are nice cards.
Much better than most them them credit for.

jAkUp 05-22-03 10:46 PM

yes he did... the 5800U:D was the leadtek the card with 2 fans on the front??

DSC 05-22-03 10:49 PM

I really dig that Leadtek cooler for their 5800U.... :angel:

MadPt 05-22-03 11:04 PM

Yes, that card rocks!
And yes, it's the card that looks like a metal box with 2 fans.
Awesome looks, IMHO. ;)
The 5800U might not be a Radeon killer, but it's a great card anyway, you just have to give it time to be used in real games, like most other top end cards, but for now, it runs everything just great and wait for Half Life 2 and Doom3, that will make the most of these cards.
Great time in 3D Gaming. :)
We have the hardware, now lets see the software...we're waiting anxiously. :D

ricercar 05-23-03 07:17 PM

- Does the Leadtek 5800U fill the PCI slot or is it truely a 1-slot solution?
- Does the LeadTek 5800U have VIVO?
- Where did you find a Leadtek 5800U?


nvjarett 05-24-03 01:21 AM

yes it does fill the pci slot, I bought it from newegg.

nvjarett 05-24-03 01:24 AM

oh yes it does have vivo.


ricercar 05-24-03 06:08 PM

Lack of VIVO is my sole regret about my PNY 5800 Ultra. Now if they'd make a Personal Cinema 5900 Ultra, I'd spend another $500 this year.

The Punisher 05-27-03 05:24 AM

Love at 1st sight :)
God damn, that card looks sweeetttt with that heatsink. Think full plate armor dude!!! I've used Leadtek video cards since GF2 MX. Then upgraded to a GF4 Ti4800. Now I'm going for a GFFX 5800. Long live Leadtek!!!

zakelwe 05-27-03 06:08 AM

That has always reminded me of James Bonds cigarette case. Good looking card.

The new Asus 5900 looks pretty good as well, I like their copper heatsinks, they look like they'd be good at doing their job.


Shame the pcb is not black.



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