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DrSuSE 11-04-08 07:11 PM

Strange Graphical Issue
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I am having an issue where if I switch focus (either something steals it or I alt-tab out) away from some openGL game and then back in... the graphics start to lock up. One of a few scenarios happens.

1. The game locks up at whatever state it was in before focus was switched away.
2. The game locks up and the screen is completely black (most common)

Now, roughly 30% of the time it will snap out of it and go back to normal if I give it a moment or alt-tab back out and in a couple of times. The majority of the time, though, I have to kill the process and restart.

The issue is predominately experienced in WoW (run via Wine, of course). In order to do my best to eliminate a Wine issue, I tried pretty much every version from before the late .9.X seriest through the latest 1.1.7. Additionally, the issue happens when playing non-Wine games like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Obviously this is a really tough issue for me, I depend on being able to alt-tab in and out.

As a final note, for now, I confirmed that the issue also takes place if I Ctrl-Tab between desktop pages as well.

Log attached, any help would really be appreciated. I don't recall exactly when the issue started, but I did try out the last few beta releases in addition to 177.80.

Thank you.

DrSuSE 11-04-08 07:17 PM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue
Sorry, an additional point I forgot to mention...

Sometimes (not always) when I alt-tab back into a game, all of the graphics are blacked-out except for some of the UI elements. They show 0 FPS at those times and in the cases where it sometimes returns to normal, before it does so the screen shows things being redrawn very slowly.

NTwoO 11-05-08 06:24 AM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue
Hi, I just strolled through your nvidia-bug-report. I donīt know what your problem is, but a few things look suspect. It might be worth it to fix it.

1. Do you have a packaged driver of your distro and the driver from nvidia.com installed? In the /var/log/messages some messages are generated relating to two different versions.

2. What is wrong with sdd (a removable drive)? It gives access errors.

3. There is a warning in your Xorg.0.log by the nvidia driver. Maybe it struggles with the dual card setup. Do these problems occur on your first or second card? I donīt know how you should figure out which PCI device is which card. Is this one card showing up as 2 gpus or actually 2 cards?

DrSuSE 11-05-08 08:29 AM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue
1. Hrm, I did at one point, but it has since been uninstalled. I see what you mean, are those dates indicative of the entries being old or are those dates of the driver?

2. It's just a removable drive, I don't think it's related.

3. The two cards run in SLI, could you tell me what warning you're referring to?


NTwoO 11-13-08 04:01 PM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue
1: OK

2: Sure, but they are still present...

3: The one at the start with a (WW)

DrSuSE 11-14-08 03:52 PM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue
New beta driver fixes the issue, thanks. :)

toopi 01-07-09 01:40 PM

Re: Strange Graphical Issue

Originally Posted by DrSuSE (Post 1845263)
New beta driver fixes the issue, thanks. :)

I thought it did for me too, but the problem restarted after awhile. Here's how I can reproduce the sluggishness at least most of the times...

- Play WoW for like an hour (visit graphic intensive areas like Dalaran where it would bring your fps down to < 30)
- Alt-Tab (or switch desktop screens)
- Browse Youtube or some other flashy sites
- Switch back to WoW screen and witness your fps falls to a crawl (~ 5 fps)

This doesn't happen all the time though. I think it got better with the latest Beta driver 180.18.

-- X86_64, kernel 2.6.27 (vanilla), 8800GT 512MB G92

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