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Matthius 05-23-03 06:33 AM

does anyone get that feeling?
sick fags....i know what your thinkin, but thats not what im talkin about. i mean when you buy something, like a new video card, do you sometimes think its not as good as you thought it was? cause thats how i feel...if i have a GF4ti4200, 2400amd and 512 2700 ddr ram, what 3dmark2001se mark should i get *roughly*? cause i think im getting about 8000...

poursoul 05-24-03 08:35 AM


digitalwanderer 05-24-03 09:29 AM

8K seems low as hell!
I was getting 9750 on me GF4 ti4400 (300/702) on Bubbles with a tulatin 1.4@1.75 in 98se, 9500 in XP. (I'm always a couple hundred lower in XP...I just can't tweak XP as well! :( )

ragejg 05-24-03 01:02 PM

me - july02: tbird1.33/kt266aSTOCK/ti4200-128/win98SE... 10.3k...

Check your ram timings... r u runnin @ cas2.5 or 2?

Are you overclocking? SOMETIMES it actually gives adverse results...

Is your install of your OS an old one, redone a few times over the past year or so?

Do you have buttloads of taskbar programs runnin?

Is your hard drive reasonably optimized?

Have you run memtest86?

Have you run PassMark Performance test or the Sandra Burn-In Wizard?

Are you running @ AGP 2x in bios?

Are your hard drive/optical drive cables hooked up properly so you're not accidentally kicking a HD to DMA Mode 2?

... check on that stuff...

Matthius 05-24-03 11:48 PM

im not sure if you were talkin to me there, but ill do all of those things. thanks for the tip. and everyone in here takes things too seriously. take a chill pill...

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