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KasuCode 11-06-08 12:06 PM

Left 4 Dead Feedback Thread
Wow was pretty suprized game game is quite intense. Ive only played for 2 hours (time for work) but so far I cant wait to get back home and play more. Ive also only played single player so far.

I was surprised by the game visually too. Caracters look just like the trailer. Very fun game Cant wait for the 18th.

Snake101st 11-06-08 12:30 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Why are there not more posts in this thread?

My LAN buddies and I made the most difficult promise to keep ever... we said we want to keep it fresh and not play until the LAN saturday... ITS KILLING ME!

Are you able to pick which character you are? I heard you can't, but hopefully that's wrong; it would make it easier to stick with characters so you can associate him/her with your friend youre playing with.

Destroy 11-06-08 12:38 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Need more pics and feedback. Where is everyone?

Shacknews is hit or miss. Some totally love it, others are disappointed but can't explain why? :thumbdwn:

Wanna hear what sets this game apart or makes it stand out. Simply having tons of sick human looking AI rush attacking you while moaning does not a great game make.

This like Serious Sam with zombies or what?


arioch21 11-06-08 02:48 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
oops, double post.

arioch21 11-06-08 02:50 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread

Originally Posted by Destroy (Post 1836370)
Need more pics and feedback. Where is everyone?

Stuck at work :p

|MaguS| 11-06-08 02:53 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
The game is awsome, it really is CS with Zombies. It's fast paced action, it really can be chaotic. My only concern is that its alittle easy. It could be the level that the demo is on. Only thing I would do is add an iron sight zoom, I don't like that you can't zoom at all.

bacon12 11-06-08 03:00 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
I agree with you and have been hoping they would add in down the sight aiming for all their games. It is so much more realistic than always shooting form the hip.

GitDat 11-06-08 05:02 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
AWESOME!! Now I know what Will Smith felt like in "I Am Legend" :D 60 fps min constant too.. egggcelleennttt....

six_storm 11-06-08 05:09 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Just got home on a real gaming PC (my work PC sucks) so it's decrypting the files and updating as we speak. Can't wait to play with some other people, the AI survivors are a little too good sometimes lol.

aceflier 11-06-08 05:26 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Had a problem with the game crashing at the beginning of the single player campaign I alt tab back in now its fine after 2 other play throughs. I downclocked my cpu thinking it was causing it. :headexplode:

2 words for this game so far F'kin Awesome!!!

six_storm 11-06-08 05:46 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Valve released this a little early IMO. I tried joining other people in Matchmaking and it kicks me out every time! WTF Valve?

Anyways, I've been playing on Expert difficulty and it's a nice challenge. Still haven't made it to the first checkpoint on that lol.

GitDat 11-06-08 06:03 PM

Re: Left for dead demo thread
Iron sites is a must for this game. I can't believe they left it out. It'd be perfect for the "relaxing" semi-distant zombies :headexplode:

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