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Billy34 08-28-02 10:47 AM

video card help needed
I have an athlon 1200mhz , 512MB ram and hercules 32mb 3D prophet II mx card.

I don't want to spend a whole lot of money but was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to a gf4 mx card.

someone suggested an asus v8170 64mb card

any opinions or would I notice a big difference in my games...I basically play racing and sports games like madden, fifa...because of my cpu would anything more be overkill



ps...assuming I did upgrade from a GF2 mx card to the GF4 mx card ... I wanted to know if anyone knows the difference between these cards and if so which one is better...thanks

ASUS V8170DDR GeForce 4 MX 440
ASUS V8170Magic GeForce 4 MX 420

SurfMonkey 08-28-02 11:12 AM

Truthfully I wouldn't bother upgrading to a GF4MX card at all. They aren't really worth the money you spend on them, hunt around for a cheap GF3 or even better wait a while and save some more cash, the price of the Ti series will be dropping soon and the Ti4400 is about to be discontinued. Check out Ebay for some good bargains.

Billy34 08-28-02 02:00 PM

not to sound stupid, but what is the difference between the 4200, 4400 and 4600 ti series of cards

which are better

thanks again

sancheuz 08-28-02 02:14 PM

The TI 4600 is the best, 4400 second best, 4200 hundred third. I agree with surfmonkey. You wont se too much of a performance update by upgrading to a geforce4 mx. If you want a card immediatly at the 100 dollar price tag, go to ebay and there you will find geforce3s. Ti 500 is the fastest, regular geforce3 is second fastest, and ti 200 is third fastest. You could find the regular geforce3 for around 90 dollars at ebay. But if you have losts of money you might want to think about the radeon 9700. 400 dollars gets you extreme performance. or wait 4 months and get the nv30, 400 dollars, and get ultra extreme performance. Or you could get the geforce4 ti series, very good series, i would get the Geforce4 TI 4600, at ebay for around 200. Very very good card. well worth the extra hundred dollars over a geforce 4 mx.

Cotita 08-28-02 03:30 PM

my brother upgraded from a geforce 2mx 64mb to a geforce4 mx 440. Even though there was a performance increase, it coudn't match my ti200 even tough we have very much the same setup.

He just got a ti4600 2 weeks ago and booooy its a night/day difference.

I underclocked it to ti4200 speeds and saw that performance was still pretty fast. So I'm getting a ti4200 myself and overclock it to at least ti4400 levels.

SurfMonkey 08-28-02 05:19 PM

The differences between the Ti range of cards is quite small, the 4200 has the same core but slower memory (different package), the 4400 has slightly lower rated memory than the 4600. With the 4200 you can reach 4400 speeds at a push and with the 4400 you can reach 4600 speeds quite easily (maybe the main reason to discontinue it?, especially as it's cheaper). It also depends on the manufacturer and how they have designed and rated their boards.

The MX range are all DX7 based chips, I really wouldn't go anywhere near an GF4MX, it won't be appreciably faster than what you have now and also you won't gain anything in quality or ability with the change.

Look for cheap GF3Ti500s or Ti4400s (if your budget stretches that far). Otherwise look to getting a Ti4200. Or save up and wait for prices to drop. The ATi 9700 is the ultimate card at the moment, but it is new and untried. If you can wait until the Nv30 is released then do. There will be some competition in the market then which will drive the prices down, and besides nVidia may bring out a killer card :) which will drive prices down further.

Now is a very difficult time to upgrade, worse than most times. You would be better off waiting until after Christmas before you make the change unless, of course, you see a really good deal :D

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