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mreman4k 05-23-03 11:54 AM

the 3rd ATi/nVIDIA "bug"/cheat thread!
Here we go...lets continue the discussions...no flaming please...just nice structured discussions:D

Behemoth 05-23-03 11:55 AM


jAkUp 05-23-03 11:56 AM

btw there were new nvidia drivers released today... hmmmm

digitalwanderer 05-23-03 11:56 AM

Well just because 3dm2k3 says they cheated doesn't necessarily mean...

...oh wait, yes it does. Never mind. :)

Hanners 05-23-03 11:56 AM

Looks like we aren't allowed to talk about this....

*Cue X-Files music*

vampireuk 05-23-03 11:57 AM

What are you retarded or something?

The next person who starts a thread about this will be banned...

I'll post my reasons later because I'm going over the original thread at the moment, give me a god damn chance to do my job.

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