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muchologo 11-11-08 09:21 PM

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I was able to compile the nvidia drivers for my computer and i've 3D accel enabled. My compiz works fine but there're some side effects:

a) In OpenOffice If a rollover the minimize and maximize button from the Writer window it starts to blink.
b) Sometimes when open any application, is turns black, firefox, Yast, Nautilus and so on...
c) FullScreen from flash player, totem or any other videoplayer turns the screen black.

I'm uploding five images in jpg format. I hope it helps to figure out the solution.

screen_normal_.jpg > Shows a minimized screen from firefox.
screen_black.jpg > Shows the same window resized a little and it turns black.
screen_blink1.jpg > Shows the title bar icon maximize with a blink issue. "Writer Window from OpenOffice".
screen_blink2.jpg > Shows the title bar icon minimize with a blink issue. "Writer Window from OpenOffice".
Of course the close icon has the same problem.
screen_blink3.jpg > Show an icon from another window being affected by the OpenOffice window.

If a close openOffice, the blink dissapears from anothers windows.
However the black screen problem isn't linked to OpenOffice.

Maybe knowing which libraries uses OpenOffice linked to nvidia or XGL, you guys can figure out the solution.
I repeat, openOffice isn't related to the black screen issue which appears randomly with any window.
It seems that it can't be two or more window instances from the same application because the second turns black.

Best Regards.
Muchologo :)

BronzeGod 11-13-08 06:07 PM


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