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greyfox 05-23-03 11:37 PM

XF86config editing
ok so i'm just starting out with linux and i have'nt got a clue on what i'm doing i have a gforce2 mx400 card and i got the driver for linux for it after installing it i tried to edit the xf86config file ad instructed by the faq...all i did was change driver "nv" to driver "nvidia" and my dm will not load when i startup....if i choose failsafe it starts up fine but when i choose to start up normaly it boots up to the login prompt i dont know whats going on but when i changed driver back to "nv" it works fine please help

greyfox 05-23-03 11:38 PM

oh i forgot to say that i'm running mandrake linux 9.1

bwkaz 05-24-03 08:43 AM

I don't suppose you saw the If you have problems, PLEASE read this first! thread? ;)

Your X log file would be much more helpful than a vague report of something not working. I know, you probably don't have a clue what's not working, but your log file does know, and with that, we can hopefully figure out what's going on.

Actually, maybe that's not even important, now that I think about it. Were you by any chance booted to Mandrake's failsafe mode when you installed the drivers? If so, you should know that Mandrake's failsafe mode changes much of the system's characteristics (enough so that the nVidia installer gets all confused when it tries to configure the kernel module). You should boot to normal mode when running the installer. To get X to not load up, you can edit /etc/inittab and change the "initdefault" line (there are comments around it; you want runlevel 3), then reboot.

But there's an easier way to try to fix it, if that's the problem. Edit /etc/modules.conf, and change alias char-major-195 nvidia to alias /dev/nvidia* nvidia, then save and exit, and run /sbin/depmod -a as root. Then try rebooting into non-failsafe mode.

greyfox 05-24-03 01:50 PM

yea thats exactly what i did...i installed the driver in maintainance mode since i did'nt know how to stop x server to install the driver....come to think of it...it makes sence now since i installed it in failsafe thats why it only works in failsafe...thanks i'll try to get it going based on what you said

greyfox 05-24-03 02:13 PM

ok i'm gona take the path of "edit /etc/inittab and change the "initdefault" line"
i see the comments at the biginning of each line do i remove the comment from the line 3 full multiuser mode and save??

greyfox 05-24-03 02:35 PM

oops.....lol disregard that last post i figured it out and it working now thanks bwkaz :angel:

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