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HotCarl 08-28-02 03:49 PM

Gainward Ti4200 64MB 3.6ns defective cards
I have asked MikeC why he has not posted this article that is on TheInquirer that lays out a huge problem with the Gainward Ti4200 64MB 3.6ns video cards. I have just sent my card back to the reseller to get a replacement but people are saying that many of the replacements are defective as well.

My card had the problem bad, while my buddy's identical card is fine. Couldn't play Warcraft 3 or Battlefield 1942. I tried to solve the problem with all sorts of configs but nothing helped. I posted what did not fix the problem on the Mad Onion thread, pg. 11. Hope this helps others with this problem.

The Inquirer article:


Mad Onion forum:


adrianhall 08-29-02 04:36 AM

They had a problem with the Ti4400 not too long ago too. I got one, the boot-up screens were corrupted but readable, but Windows looked like a kaleidoscope, totally unusable :eek:

My MX420 is o.k. - for now :rolleyes:

SnakeEyes 08-29-02 05:43 AM


Originally posted by adrianhall
They had a problem with the Ti4400 not too long ago too. I got one, the boot-up screens were corrupted but readable, but Windows looked like a kaleidoscope, totally unusable :eek:

My MX420 is o.k. - for now :rolleyes:

My first Gainward 4600 had similar issues, except that Windows usually wouldn't load up (locked up as it attempted to). That issue was a defective PCB (Gainward had a bad batch). I sent it one back to Gainward and the replacement's working fine.

adrianhall 08-29-02 06:45 AM

Mine transformed into a Leadtek :D

volt 08-29-02 10:38 AM

I've looked over some sites to see how many people actually have the same problem (pink screen), and actually a lot do. I decided to sticky the thread until we see some answers. So if you have a similar problem with your Gainward Ti4200 card post it! ;)

Pakman 08-30-02 10:29 PM

They have new 4200 cards with 64MB of 3.3ns RAM which are said to be bug free now.

HotCarl 08-31-02 10:32 PM

My replacement card comes mid-next week and I can only hope that it is one of the 3.3ns versions with the A3 core. That will be good for 325/610Mhz out of the box and I like the sound o'dat. Unfortunately, resellers may just send you an old card they have in stock and you end up sending it back too. Please, please, please send me a 3.3ns card with the ramsinks as well. I've been good this month, I swear!:p

HotCarl 09-05-02 02:54 PM

Sad, sad news
The replacement card I received is a new card with a slightly bigger heatsink on the GPU. The RAM is still the same 3.5ns EtronTech EM658160TS chips. So how did this all play out?

I plugged the card into a friends Pentium 4 system and I get multicolored, vertical stripes as soon as the monitor clicks on. Not good. I figure the board needs a CMOS reset so out comes the power cord and battery. 10 minutes later, same results. Grrrrr. Mind you, BattleFiled 1942 comes out in 4 days and I want to play it bad.

So I move the card to my Athlon XP system, power up the system and huh? The system won't even boot. No beeps, no BIOS, no video at all. Well, the usual slew of explitives comes out cuz I can't believe what I am seeing(or not seeing). So the reliable TNT2 Ultra comes off the dusty shelf and what do you know? Both systems power-up fine.

My replacement card is a POS. I'm looking at a sticker that says "QC-14 OK." Yeah, I think this card skipped right past Quality Control and into a carton. I'm sorry folks, but I am not at all happy with Gainward right now. I talked to my vendor and asked for another brand of Ti4200 and it looks like I will have to spend more dough on a 128MB version since he only stocks one type of 64MB cards.

FYI, the GPU is an A3 revision.

No more Gainward products for me.

HotCarl 09-06-02 01:18 AM

A sympathetic vendor
I talked to my vendor and he said he would take back the card and refund any difference in price from what I paid and what a new card is worth now. Truely a nice guy. NS Technology has Prolink's Pixelview Ti4200 64MB TV-out card for $13 less than what I paid a month or so ago for the Gainward. Better still, this card has seen overclocking in the 300/600Mhz range so I might even end up with a little more horsepower.

So, the only thing I have gleened from this experience is this vendor is top notch. Cheers to Walter at NS Tech.

Later folks

Wolfram Tismer 09-23-02 08:41 AM

If you have any problems with any of our Gainward graphics cards, please contact our support hotline or send an e-mail. We would be more then happy to help you.


saturnotaku 09-23-02 08:50 AM

Care to post your phone/e-mail information for public viewing here in the forums?

Dotanuki 09-23-02 08:59 AM

see follow up article.............

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