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cdw1 05-24-03 03:50 PM

Lockups with NVIDIA driver
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I can get X to run with the nv driver, and have attached a normal log for that.

When I installed the NVidia driver, X started, I could see the NVidia logo, and it
seemed normal. After I started a program (rh network control), there was a lockup.
The mouse cursor moved, but nothing responded. CTRL-ALT-Backspace, or CTRL-ALT-Del
didn't work.

I tried startx again, this time I did not see a logo- only some assorted characters
on the console. CTRL-ALT-backspace did nothing, but I could force a reboot this
I have attached a second log, which I think reflects the first run with the NVidia
(Not sure if I can attach multiple files on this forum. If it doesn't work, I'll attach to follow up message)

3) Other information that's useful:

- your video card
Abit Siluro MX200
- your driver version
- your distribution
Red Hat 9
- your video bios revision
- your processor
AMD Athlon 750
- your motherboard model (especially if you're having lockups)
Shuttle AI61 with AMD 751 and 756 agpset

Thanks for any assistance.

cdw1 05-24-03 03:52 PM

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Don't know how to use these forums, sorry.

cdw1 05-24-03 03:54 PM

Here's the log from a good run
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using the gnu nv driver.

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