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joepa 05-24-03 09:04 PM

how-to set dpi
Using XFree86 with xfs-xtt, I am having a bit of trouble specifying font resolution (100dpi, 75dpi, etc.). The nv driver (1.0.4349) reports "DPI set to (75, 75)", even though my xfs-xtt has default set as 100dpi (100dpi also comes before 75dpi in XF86Config-4, but this shouldn't make a difference, as I am using xfs-xtt). Any idea how I might correct the problem?

Not that it matters, but I am using gForce2-go on Dell Inspiron 2650c.


bwkaz 05-24-03 09:49 PM

Take the resolution you're running at, divide each dimension by 100 (to get inches), then multiply by 25.4 (to get millimeters) (the net result is approximately what you'd get by dividing your resolution by 4).

Then put a DisplaySize line in your Monitor section with those two numbers.

I run 1280x1024, so approximating the numbers, I'd use 320 and 256 for my DisplaySize values. The line looks like DisplaySize 320 256 in my Monitor section (or would, if my driver was reporting the wrong DPI -- it's not currently).

You could also try 4363 -- maybe some of the other bugfixes helped this issue too?

Arach 05-25-03 12:06 PM

solution #2
or more conveniently :
startx -- -dpi 100
to setup permanently:
echo "alias sX='startx -- -dpi 100'" >>~/.bashrc

joepa 05-27-03 05:32 PM

1 Attachment(s)
After making the originally recommended change, then reverting back to my original XF86Config-4 so as to use the solution that was later recommended, I get a DPI of 92 on my external CRT monitor (the monitor to which I made the original change), and I get the normal 75 dpi on the laptop's LCD.

Either way, the second solution allows the problem to be avoided, I am just curious as to why the CRT is now giving a DPI of 92. I have attached my XF86Config-4.


Arach 05-27-03 07:40 PM

I dont have the time to download and open your XF config , but heres the math to verify it :

example resolution: 1600x1200
100 dpi == 100 dots per inch,
x = 1600
1600 / 100 = 16 inch
16 / 0.0024606299 = 406.4 mm

(Res / DPI) /0.0024606299 == mm
or, the mm you want to get the dpi.

or, you could just measure the size of your screen, then select the mode that gives you "real" 100 dpi.

joepa 05-27-03 07:49 PM

What is being verified? Everything basically works fine, now (with '-- -dpi 100'), I am just wondering why the dpi on the CRT was originally 75 (without changes to my config file), and why, when I reverted back to the original config, it is now 92 dpi (without the '-- -dpi' switch, of course). I would just think that when I went back to the original config file, that it would go back to 75 dpi. It just seemed very strange.

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