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zBeeble42 11-22-08 01:23 PM

Power management jitter.
Now that power management works on my laptop (XPS-1730 w/8700M-SLI), I have some experiences with it...

Mostly, it's working. The clock speed (and the fans) ramp up when the AC is connected and there are demands on the 3D engine. I'm still forced to use -vo gl2 on mplayer --- so watching a movie creates quite a lot of heat.

... But anyways... on to the meat of the issue:

The clock speed of the card jitters up and down --- with slight pauses in game play when I run eve-online in classic mode. For reference, this is the windows distribution of eve running in wine (not the "linux" version --- which is actually also running in wine --- but then also through linux emulation --- I can't get that working).

... now that's even in classic mode. It seems to jitter between the 275Mhz and 625Mhz settings. It never seems to use the 170Mhz setting now when plugged in. I dunno why. Keeps my lap much warmer now.

Since power miser is working, I loaded the eve-premium (eve-classic is the same game at much lower graphics settings). eve-premium seems to nail it in 625Mhz mode

... so this is all a rather low-priority curiosity for me.

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