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metrosteel 11-23-08 05:17 AM

Computer to TV, sound & video on both different channels
Hi there,

Hopefully the title makes sense, I shall carefully explain!

I have a nVidia geforce 9800 GTX and a 42" Phillips tv

The items I purchased were, HDMI To DVI-D Dual Link Cable & Lynx Standard 3.5mm stereo jack to 2 x RCA Phonos

I followed my tv manual which basically said (shortened)

step 1: connect dvi output of your computer to the HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 slot.
step 2: connect the audio cable to the pc's audio jack and to the L/R audio jacks (EXT3) of the TV.
step 3: press AV on remote and go to HDMI channel

The problem here is that it only displays the video output from my computer on this (HDMI1) channel and no sound. If I go to channel (EXT3) it will happily play the sound from my computer but no visual display!

I would greatly appreciate advice, help, links to purchase the correct hardware etc?


XDanger 11-23-08 06:22 AM

Re: Computer to TV, sound & video on both different channels
are you using audio input next to the hdmi ports?

Have Phillips stopped support for that TV? Cant see it on their site...


metrosteel 11-23-08 06:49 AM

Re: Computer to TV, sound & video on both different channels
Hi Danger,

I have 2x sets of ports where I can place the audio cables in - they are not next to the HDMI ports.

1x is around the back that says "EXT4" and the other audio ports are on the side of the tv that says "EXT3"

the 2 HDMI ports are next to the ariel on their own.

Ive fiddled around placing the audio cables in different ports but I can never get the sound to play on the same channel as the HDMI channel. very confused as you can imagine!

The picture in that pdf looks different at the back from mines, in the book manual it actually says

connect cable to hdmi 1 and connect audio to ext3 which is completey different channels/

XDanger 11-23-08 09:36 AM

Re: Computer to TV, sound & video on both different channels
Why is there no reference to that TV on the phillips site , Are they trying to sweep it under the carpet?
Is there a pdf manual for your TV?

You can always use ybpbr but thats crap though right?

My tv works fine with hdmi and pc sound connected to the TV's PC sound input but I don't know how.

npras42 11-23-08 06:50 PM

Re: Computer to TV, sound & video on both different channels
This is a longshot but try connecting the HDMI cable to the other socket (HDMI 2) and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise I think you may be out of luck.

The TV has a PC VGA input though and you could use that by getting a DVI to VGA connector (if your GFX card doesn't have a VGA output already) and there should be a dedicated sound input for that channel as well.

Lastly, you could take out your 9800GTX and sell it on ebay and buy another 9800GTX that has a HDMI output. You would then just need to connect the sound card on your PC to the graphics card and it will output the sound through the HDMI socket. This is a kinda long-winded fix for a small problem but if you think about it you could probably break even or it may cost you 10-15 max. Its just an idea you can think about if you can't find any other good solutions.

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