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Cabs- 05-25-03 06:19 AM

Help with Quake 3 Arena under Mandrake 9.1
Hi all

I have been searching everywhere and connot find a way to get my Pro Mode skins working properly in Quake 3 under Linux. I have recently migrated to Linux after being a Windoze operator for some time. Quake 3 skins look fine on my PC (and on my Mac under OSX) and I am using the same config that I was using under Windoze (and the Mac for that matter) but the skins just look dull. I am colorblind to a degree and am struggling to see the skins.

It's not a Q3 command like I say as I know what I am doing there and it works fine under both Windoze and Mac OS X so it must be something in Linux surely?

Anyone else had these problems?

I use pm skins and enemycolours of 22222 (the bright green) but currently it looks just flat green (the right colour just very very dull)

Any help is uttely appreciated.

gumby 06-13-03 01:01 AM

If you've got an nvidia card you can use the DigitalVibrance option in your XF86config.

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