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dropman 05-25-03 08:51 AM

Is it possible ?
I am using newest nvidia drivers for linux on geforce2mx400 on slackware9.0. Is it possible to use framebuffer at resolution 1024x768 at vertical sync 100hz (my monitor supports that) ?
If it is possible explayn please how to make it...
Thank you.

alien999999999 05-26-03 02:19 PM

if you adjust your monitor frequencies in the XF86Config-4 file, it'll choose the most optimal Hz for the resolution...

I cannot do it for you, as only you can see what your monitor exactly supports.

you need the frequency ranges

in kHz and Hz, look at your monitor manual en the XF86Config manual

dropman 05-27-03 01:51 AM

My monitor is ViewSonic PF 775 (30-97khz , 50-180hz) in my xf86config i have modeline to make 100hz @ resolution 1024x768: modeline "1024x768" 110.16 1024 1056 1168 1360 768 772 776 810 . But i do not know how to turn on framebuffer and which framebuffer to use (vesafb or rivafb). I have heared that there are some problems with nvidia cards and framebuffers ....

alien999999999 05-27-03 12:37 PM

euh, don't know anything about such things...
just to make X run on that frequency.

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