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stodgel 05-25-03 10:49 AM

The nVidia readme says, in "App E" that the AGP module is controlled through the "NvAgp" option in the XF86Config file:

Option "NvAgp" either 0-3. My XF86Config file doesn't have anything in there about AGP. Is this something that has to be manually put in, and if so exactly where does it go?

DrOzz 05-25-03 11:24 AM

in your xf86config file under the device section for your video card, you manually add :
Option "NvAgp" "1"
or whatever value you wish to use...

bwkaz 05-25-03 12:29 PM

I thought it was Option "NvAGP" "1"? (capital G and P)

Thunderbird 05-25-03 12:38 PM

It doesn't really matter if you type nvagp or NvAGP, it is all the same for xfree86. (atleast it is for dozens of other options..)

Normally NvAGP isn't needed in your config file. It is only needed when you want to override the default behaviour which is to use nvidia's agp driver.

stodgel 05-25-03 01:05 PM

Option "NvAgp" "1"
This was copied directly from nVidia's Readme.
So am I understanding this correctly, that I already am utilizing 4x AGP from the kernel driver, and if I enter these values in the XF86Config file, that I will be utilizing nVidia's AGP drivers instead?
If that is correct, am I better off one way or the other?
I am using SuSE 8.2 w/the latest of everything, as far as I know.

Thunderbird 05-25-03 01:28 PM

First the drivers try to load the kernel agp driver if that fails it tries to use nvidia's driver. It really doesn't matter which of the two you are using.

Only for some chipsets it matters, agpgart can have support for a new released chipset before nvidia's driver or the way around for nforce chipsets.

Normally both nvagp and agpgart perform quite similar.

stodgel 05-25-03 01:56 PM

I guess it would be safe to leave things just as they are. Because if I have games like RTCW & Quake 3 running fine, then it must be working properly.

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