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breathemetal 11-28-08 01:22 PM

260 SLI vs 4870 1GB
So these are some of my options for my next build (march)

And im wondering what will perform the best under i7

260 sli vs 4870 1gb?

single 280 vs 4870x2?

crossfire 4870 1 gb?

Blacklash 11-28-08 03:18 PM

Re: 260 SLI vs 4870 1GB
SLi takes off on the X58 platform with its massive bandwidth, particularly Tri-SLi. See below for a lot of multi-GPU.


Personally, I'd run manually overclocked GTX 260 SLi, or if you want an edge grab 216SP 260s.

Below shows you what GTX 260s do vs the HD 4870 1Gb. Results are overclocked and stock for the 216 260 and stock for the 192SP 260.


My Evga GTX 260 is the second GTX 260 I've owned and it is also capable of 730 on the core with a 1532 shader clock like my XFX.

A GTX 260 @ 660 or great on the core should be faster than anything ATi has to offer in single GPU and in SLi it will take 'em in multi-GPU. In FC2 they win @ stock.


If I was buying multi-GPU I'd go manually overclocked GTX 260s. For single the GTX 260 or if you want to get even closer to GTX 280 performance for a much lower price, the GTX 260 216SP.

GPU PhysX in many upcoming titles is another tasty thing to add to the mix.

john19055 11-29-08 05:29 AM

Re: 260 SLI vs 4870 1GB
IMO if you are going to invest in a i7 and a X58 board then the GTX 260 (192)or(216) is the best solution because you can get three GTX 260 (192) for around $630 and have one fast machine and with some overclocking even a faster computer.Even the BFG GTX 280 E has come down to $384 and $354 with rebate.The one I have will do 666/1458/2592

grimreefer 11-29-08 01:08 PM

Re: 260 SLI vs 4870 1GB
i would say either gtx 260 sli or a 4870x2
and if you're not a fan of the multi gpu solutions, definatly the 280

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