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Vag 05-25-03 08:17 PM

Problems witg creative 3d blaster and 4xxx nvidia drivers.
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I've not been able to get the 4xxx series to work with my Geforce 3 ti 500 Creative 3d blaster with Gentoo linux. I have a Asus A7M266-D mobo with dual Athlon MP 1900+ processors and 512 megs of RAM.

Whenever I try to start up X it just sits there for ages apparently doing nothing. Attached is the log file for my latest test of the latest Nvidia drivers. I know I don't have my sync rates set correctly but it works with the 3123 drivers fine. Its not a verbose log, but if you want one I can reinstall the drivers and take another run at it.

I'd go on using the 3123 drivers but they're not working with the latest dev-kernels and some other stuff.


bwkaz 05-26-03 07:24 AM

FAQ section in the README:


Q: X takes a long time to start. What can I do?

A: Most of the startx delay problems we have found are caused by incorrect
data in video BIOSes about what display devices are possibly connected
or what i2c port should be used for detection. You can work around
these problems with the XF86Config option "IgnoreDisplayDevices"
(please see the description in (app-d) APPENDIX D: XF86CONFIG OPTIONS).

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