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cricket 08-28-02 06:26 PM

has anyone got their hands on "MAFIA" (fpshooter)....it was released today. if anyone gets it tell us if it is worth it and how good/bad it is....i am interested in maybe getting it my self but i want some feedback on it first.

nin_fragile14 08-28-02 07:16 PM

I'm thinking about getting it too, but don't want to spend the 40 dollars without knowing about it. I wish more developers would just release a damn demo.

volt 08-28-02 07:50 PM

Well, there is plenty of action in that game I can tell you that. Graphics? I will say better than GTA3 (especially on the characters). Character faces are sooooooooo detailed, I was really stunned. Much better than in SOF2. Car details are awsome, so is the driving. Each car handles differently. Controls are "ok". I think GTA3's are much better suited. What else ? ask if you want :)

nin_fragile14 08-28-02 09:43 PM

How is the performance? I just get a feeling that game will run terribly.

volt 08-28-02 09:47 PM

Max details, 1280x1024 and 2x AA about 30 FPS

volt 08-28-02 10:27 PM

Here are some screenshots (they are big, so wait till it loads)


CyberDude 08-30-02 01:28 PM

Ya, i've been playing this game for a while now about half way through single player, but game performance is pretty crappy, anyone know of any tweaks that will make this game run better?

Thanks :)

nin_fragile14 08-31-02 09:39 AM

I got it yesterday, and haven't played too much yet, but it seems pretty fun. The performance is not very good though; I play at 1024x768 with all the details up, and get anywhere from 17-35 fps when I play. Not good for a 2.3 ghz. Perhaps it's my old video card...

CyberDude 08-31-02 02:56 PM

Fragile, I get the same type of performance, even with my video card, seems the engine itself wasnt optimized very well. But I find it runs a bit better with Vsync on, im trying out different settings at the moment, so I will have to see.

nin_fragile14 09-01-02 12:26 AM

Yeah, even resolution doesn't make a difference, which is disheartening; that usually means it's CPU limited, and that doesn't make sense on a 2.3 ghz. I wonder if a new video card would even help that much, especially considering you said performance wasn't much better on your 4400.

nin_fragile14 09-02-02 02:07 AM

I played a lot more of it today, and I must say, this is, in my mind, game of the year. The story line is interesting and very well done, which is something I haven't seen in years. It's very mature and well acted. The missions are fresh, not GTA 3 rip offs, and everything moves along at a great pace. This game rocks.

Typedef Enum 09-03-02 01:50 AM


I must ask the question...The image that you use...who is that chick? She looks familiar, but I cannot put a finger on it...? :)

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