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Mirage 05-26-03 08:33 AM

Lockups all the time
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I just started playing with linux and I installed the nvidia driver. But now everytime i start X the whole system locks up. Except when i use the option NvAGP 0. If i use another number like 1, the system locks while X is starting. And if i use option 3 the system locks if i want to start something or if i want to browse my files or something. Can anyone help me plz?? :)

P3 500mhz
MSI-6163 (ver. 1) mainbord
Asus V6800 (GeForce 256 DDR)
256mb RAM

<edit>btw i'm using Redhat 9 </edit>

DrOzz 05-26-03 03:05 PM

umm leave it at 0 would be my suggestion...if the drivers work using 0 then why do you want to change it

Mirage 05-26-03 03:09 PM

Well, i disabled agp 2x in the BIOS and somehow it's working now with NvAGP 3.

DrOzz 05-26-03 07:04 PM

so your saying your running it 4x

Mirage 05-27-03 04:14 AM

no, my mainbord doesn't have agp 4x support, only 1x and 2x. So i guess it is running at agp 1x now.

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