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strumbum 05-26-03 08:42 AM

Taking nForced|Linux Distribution Submisions
Hello all! I have started a website dedicated to all of those users who own nForce 1/2/3 motherboards and wish to install linux. I need to build up a database of distribution-specific solutions. I will accept solutions e-mailed to me through my website listed blow this block of text. I will give you credit for the solution on the page that I post it on. Before you submit your solution, please read the text on the website below also, thank you!


jay_gentoo 05-27-03 01:07 PM

Get rid of all those annoying popups and ad-splashes, then I'll submit my solutions.

strumbum 05-27-03 04:34 PM

I need webspace and I don't have any money to pay for an ad-free website. Sorry, but when I can find someone who will give me a sub-domain without pop-ups, I'll be there!

jay_gentoo 05-28-03 11:11 AM

Sorry that was a bit harsh, but I've experienced in the past that people were seeking only profit out of some "help" pages filled with useful keywords.

Gentoo is a version independent distro. The Version numbers are for the installation disks.
Currently following versions exist:
1.2 no nforce support, download & compile from the tar.bz2 files.
1.4_rc4 nforce support "out of the box"

Installing & Upgrading nforce drivers on a running gentoo system:
# emerge sync
# emerge nforce-net

if you want the latest (unstable) 256 drivers:
# ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge nforce-net

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