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provider 05-26-03 01:34 PM

Darwin Kernal
I have purchased a new nvidia GF4MX440se graphics card (PCI Edition) for dual display.... except I am on a G4 Mac..

There are no reased drives for the PCI only AGP verion of my card (And never will be)

Apples new opperating system is called OSX and is completely based on UNIX (kernal is called Darwin). I have all the normal /var/, /bin/, /users/ as linux so hoped that one of the linux nVidia drivers would help. I have all the header files and source for my operating system, but need help compiling it with the source version of the nVidia drivers that I downloaded.

The $ make command worked fine on the GLX part but struggled with the other driver component. Complaining about invalid "ASI" and referances to non exist "headers"

Please e-mail me at kyounge@telkomsa.net with any suggestions, and tell me if i'm hoping for much.

Cheshiremackat 05-26-03 02:52 PM

not going to work...
Not for a lack of trying, but a Darwin kernel for nvidia cards is not going to be compatable with the linux drivers... while related, the differences (as you have seen) are significant enough to not work *out of the box*...

Now I sympathise with you, as a mac user as well, I wish we had better support...

Basically there are 2 problems with getting the drivers to work... #1 Nvidia drivers are *somewhat* closed source, so getting a darwin developer to hack the linux drivers might be impossible without more info from Nvidia...

#2, Nvidia has no real reason to write a driver themselves, considering that Windows is their primary market, then mac, then linux (or vise-versa) and Apple helps write the Mac drivers, there is no real need to get the non-agp drivers to work, since all Apple cards are AGP...

My best bet would be to sell your card on Ebay (or return it), and buy an AGP card... then you can flash the bios to the Mac/Nvidia bios and use the MAc drivers...


Thunderbird 05-26-03 03:47 PM

The only driver you will have is the opensource xfree86 driver and nothing more.

As Darwin is related to FreeBSD, porting that driver over to Darwin can be "easy", but you would need help from Nvidia to give out objects and precompiled GL drivers. Nvidia gave this at the time for the FreeBSD port but since the Darwin market is so much smaller, I don't think they will help....

slackr 05-26-03 08:56 PM

I don't know if you know but there are nvidia drivers for OSX.
I do know that the new G4 macs come equipt with GF4MX cards.
I have seen the drivers in action. I have checked the apple site and you can download them there..... but the drivers are not on the nvidia site. Don't know why....

Try here.


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