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queen6 12-04-08 04:05 AM

180.11 powermizer still broken
Powermizer still declocks the card below usable level. Any ETA when can it be fixed or when you enable option to completely disable powermizer function?


busbus 12-04-08 05:08 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
i join this one!
i got a slight performance boost form 180.11 but am still far from really getting what you should expect from a 9600gt, and i am still stuck in performance mode 1 from 0-3

please nvidia, at least give us switch to toggle powermizer state on or off. (better fix the thing)

Guspaz 12-07-08 04:15 AM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
You can actually force the drivers into high-performance mode. Here is a script to do it:



echo 'Forcing GPU to high-performance mode. Press CTRL-C to stop.'
let x=0
while true; do
        let y=x*25
        echo -ne "\rTime spent in high performance mode: $y seconds"
        nice /usr/bin/nvidia-settings -q all > /dev/null &
        let x=x+1
        sleep 25;

This script goes a bit fancy, here is a simpler version that should do the same thing with less glitter:



while true; do
        nice /usr/bin/nvidia-settings -q all > /dev/null &
        sleep 25;

You could also replace "true" with ":"

For an explanation as to what this does, it queries nvidia-settings for a list of settings every 25 seconds.

This works because when you query nvidia-settings, it forces the GPU into high performance mode (powermizer level 2 for me, since I have 0/1/2) for 30 seconds. So this script, while running, will permanently keep your GPU in max performance mode as long as it runs.

With this, you can indeed toggle powermizer on and off.

I can't take complete credit for it, though, I found the original solution in the Ubuntu forums, and wrote the fancified script based on that.

Now my biggest complaint is simply that vsync doesn't work with Compiz in any nVidia drivers, most annoyingly in video :(

EDIT: My bad, it looks like 180.11 (installed the Jaunty package into Intrepid) significantly improves (if not fixes) my vsync issues with Compiz. With that and the visual corruption bugs that 180 is listed as fixing (and did fix), the only remaining issues that I have with Compiz are now resolved. Woot!

busbus 12-07-08 06:32 AM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
lucky one if it helps for you.
for me it jumps to mode 1 of 0-3. 2 and 3 are never touched.

txf 12-07-08 08:14 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
In addition to that I generally find the ui too laggy to be comfortable. Whilst it does often jump to max it takes far too long to be felt. So I just disable it with modprobe.conf method.

queen6 12-09-08 09:15 AM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
Well after months of waiting I decided to solve my problem.

I sold my office laptop with nvidia card (Quadro FX360M) and get one with ATI. Now everything works perfectly. I use this laptop for office work with basic 2d/3d (compiz).

It's nice to see things are improving, but if one "featue" (powermizer) is making your laptop completely useless and it's not fixed after moths it's not the best way forward.

At home I use one with GF 8600M GT which plays quite nicely with current nvidia drivers.

Spyke 12-09-08 04:00 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
Its definitely broken when it even causes issues with desktop graphics cards. (GTX 280 flickering and freezing)

fhj52 12-10-08 08:50 AM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
I have a major headache. ... blink ...blink-blink ...blink. ...blink-blink ... ... blink ...blink ...blink-blink-blink.
The display flashes|blinks in MS Windows OS too but not as badly as in Linux OS. ( It takes a couple of hours in XP to get the headache but only minutes in Linux. )

Hundreds of dollars wasted .... to get a GTX260^2 driven display which causes me physical pain because some overzealous green idiot will not remove bad code in the driver?!? I don't believe nVidia Corp could possibly be that stupid. The device must be defective.

EDIT: Deleted what is AYA waste of time. I cannot return for an ATI ...
The good news is that the blink-blink-...-blinking stopped after installing Mandriva 2009 and upgrading kernel 2.6.24 with Linux kernel It blinks in openSUSE 10.2 so I will try to get a 2.6.27 kernel(or build one) and see if that resolves the problem there too.

However, next cards will be ATI and next boards will have Intel chipset(s). I hate headaches. I bought what I thought was *the* best cards and displays that I can reasonably afford because I read a LOT of my system. I bought mainboards with chipset for onboard RAID to have cross-platform usability but nVidia won't provide the required drivers or even support the efforts to get them! ... I cannot afford this merry-go-round with nVidia.

Erik_ 12-10-08 05:41 PM

PowerMizer broken in 177.82 and 180.11 for FX3700m
Hello, I'm exhibiting the same PowerMizer issue on a brand new Quadro FX3700m in a Sager 9262 laptop with the Official nVidia 177.82 drivers.

Thanks to the small script that loops the nvidia-settings -q all >/dev/null every 25 seconds, I can keep my FX3700m in Performance Level 1, but I'm still only at 50% of performance for the card I purchased.


Erik :thumbdwn:

mfb 12-11-08 12:08 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
I'm also having some trouble with my GeForce 9600M GT. nvidia-settings shows 4 powerlevels but it sticks at powerlevel 1. (275/500) I really want it to operate at level 3 (500/800) when gaming because the potential of the card is not being used now.

fhj52 12-11-08 12:18 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
Well, I found a temporary work-around that causes the so-called adaptive clocking to run at full performance level: Use KDE4.1.* with Linux

Problem is that one cannot keep running KDE4; too buggy and slow. Sure is pretty though...
And that does not resolve the blinking in MS Win XPx64 anyway.

So is the next (released) driver going to have this adaptive clocking removed or not?

Dragoran 12-11-08 12:28 PM

Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken
Try adding

options nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="PerfLevelSrc=0x2222"
to /etc/modprobe.conf and reboot

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