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joegasiorek 05-26-03 08:04 PM

tv-out border issue
I started using the tv-out for my gforce4-TI4400 last week, and i'm noticing a strange issue around the border. The edges seem to be being cut off and not visible on the tv, while they are visible on the CRT. I have searched the forum's and have not found a clear post describing a solution to this problem. I find this to be a major problem when watching shows with subtitles, because most of them are cut off! Anyone know a way I could solve this problem? Thanks for any help that you could offer. I will attach my XF86Config file.

lame duck 05-26-03 11:10 PM

I found the answer at google a while ago. Try to do another search (if you already have).

joegasiorek 05-27-03 03:03 PM

I have done several google searches. I see many people complaing about a 'black border issue' but not many solutions. I'm not exactly sure thats what I have. It appears as though everything it is using the whole screen, but the edges are cut off. Is there something wrong with my XFree86Config file? Anyone got any suggestions?

10k 05-29-03 12:30 AM

You want to adjust your 'overscan'. Unfortunately a lot of GF4's have tvout chips that dont have adjustable overscan so basically you're boned. If its going to work though, in your "Driver" Section of XF86Config put this line in:

option "Overscan" "0.9"

1.0 is no adjustment, over 1 scales up, less than 1 scales down.

good luck :)


joegasiorek 05-29-03 11:35 AM

Well...i guess my card is one of those where you can't adjust it, 'cause I tried putting in a bunch of values (including 0.9) and there was no change. I also noticed that when I try and put:

Option "ConnectedMonitors" "CRT, TV"

I get no picture on my CRT, only the tv works. Anyone know why that would be? Could that conflict with trying to use OverScan? Well, if anyone has ANY ideas on what I could do, please post. Thanks!

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