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The Baron 05-26-03 11:29 PM

I apologize for the freaking on the front page
Oh. Wait.


(got the scores at 12PM exactly, my mom was in the other room. I looked at it. Saw 800 math, 770 verbal. I blinked twice. I looked up. I just yelled at the top of my lungs. My sister has exams tomorrow? Oh well. I beat my bro (1540). That's all that really matters, now isn't it?)

netviper13 05-26-03 11:33 PM

Well warranted. If I got a score that high I'd be all over all the forums posting that sucker!

The Baron 05-26-03 11:39 PM

Oh, I assure you, I have been ;)

digitalwanderer 05-26-03 11:39 PM

Congrats dude, freaking amazingly good scores!!!! :D

The Baron 05-26-03 11:43 PM


Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Congrats dude, freaking amazingly good scores!!!! :D

/me runs in circles while wearing the Sillyhat of Myth and Legend.

(Sadly, the Sillyhat will have to go away by the time I get back... aw. I want MORE SILLYHATS)

wb22gprix 05-27-03 12:41 AM

[offtopic]Where are you moving to in NC? I've lived in Wilmington all my life.[/offtopic]

The Baron 05-27-03 12:45 AM

Brevard, half hour from Asheville.

wb22gprix 05-27-03 12:46 AM

Ah, I was about to edit my post because I noticed it in your Location :p

nin_fragile14 05-27-03 01:29 AM

I'm glad for you, but are you really surprised? When you're practically acing the SAT, you know you're a smart guy... what kind of scores were you expecting?

Kruno 05-27-03 04:12 AM

I was writing about terrorists mollesting animals.

The comments the board of studies sent back to me along with the low score was hilarious.

I can't take tests like the GAT seriously with questions like: "How does this colour make you feel?", "Write an essay on bike riding and it's dangers" and "Add 50 to this number [insert number] and then divide it by 10". :lol:

Of course you can't use a calculator but considering the childish questions, why would you need to?

Is the SAT the same thing?

We get a tick sheet and we tick the answers and we get an essay booklet for the English essays (2) we write.

What do SAT people get? What does SAT stand for?

Anyway, congratulations for your mid-high score (I think, or is it just a high score? not between mid to high?).

|JuiceZ| 05-27-03 07:34 PM

Awesome score man :dance: got any scholorship offerings comming in yet?

All the colleges around this area required the ACT which I did fairly poor on but considering I barely remember my senior yr of hs what else would you expect :p

sbp 05-27-03 11:00 PM

Great going The Baron :thumbsup:

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