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ALobpreis 08-28-02 09:46 PM

Borland C++ Builder
I wasn't sure where to post this... I guess this is the place.

Does anyone use this program??

How can I make a global variable for all forms?? I can just for one form!
The nearest thing I could do was use the Tag variable of the main form, that exists all the time, but I need another type of variable!

Any clue?? I couldn't find this in the Builder help.

Kruno 08-29-02 01:29 AM

I have version 1.0 of it and have not touched it in years. Sorry that I couldn't be too much help.
If I ever decide to touch it again I will be sure to help you if you are in need :)
It doesn't take too long to learn the basics. If you have any manuals or tutorial books they should be able to tell you. Anyway if you are using 5.0 then I can't help you (changes in GUI and that).

de><ta 08-29-02 09:39 AM

I have not used borland c++ builder ever since i threw away my p100.

If u want to create a variable which can be accesesed by all types u usually add it to the library/package. Is that what you were after?

Uh, sounds more like Java but i am sure that is how u set up a global variable. I have gone more into object oriented programming so i am not really too sure.

ps. get coderight instead. It is much better for messy c++ scripting.

JohnsonLKD 08-31-02 11:31 AM

I use C++ 3.0 with OLE external controlling software...

I guess C++ is a premitive language now somehow, (Guess you'd better start to using the visial c++ from the Microsoft)

But, still who's gonna bother the users of the borland C++

Oh! the answer about that quastion?

Honestly, I don't know/remember...

Use MS visual C...


ALobpreis 08-31-02 01:41 PM

I already found out, I don't need flames against BCB, it's a wonderful piece of software.
I have to declare the variable in the main cpp file, the proyect one, and then I re-declare the variables in the .h but with the extern modifier to the left, and that's it. :cool:

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