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jeong 12-12-08 01:57 AM

Which brand do you prefer?
I always have used BFG's since theirs are factory-overclocked and they offer lifetime warranties. Once my 6800 card a few years back went defective, so they sent me a replacement. So even though I cannot say I never had a problem w/ their products, I did not dislike them.

But I've read some disturbing things about BFG cards in this forum and I'm beginning to reconsider the brand I should get since I plan to get a pair of GTX 295 or 285 next year.

So which brand is your favourite and why? People say EVGA's support and services are fantastic, but never having used their products, I have no clue. I know BFG ain't that bad either. I see other brands also such as XFX, ASUS, GALAXY, MSI, PNY, ZOTAC, FOXCONN, GIGABYTE, PALIT.

I definitely would appreciate what people think about this. Thanks a lot!

Lith1um 12-12-08 11:00 AM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
EVGA is very hard to go wrong with.

Their warranty is second to none. You can even pay a very nominal fee when you register your card and they'll cross ship if anything ever goes wrong in the future.

And their step up program is awesome. I just bought a 280gtx, hopefully nvidia releases in january and I'll be able to step up.

I've rma'd motherboards to them after a bad flash, very painless and relatively fast.

They release motherboard bios frequently, both in beta and final.

They have an active tech forum, and /gasp!, they even post their occasionaly.

Then there is Jakup, a forum member here, so in a small manner they have a presence here too. Of the nvidia vendors, I feel they are the best.

fyi, they also have o.c. cards. I'm running a 280gtx SSC.

I'll stay loyal to them as long as they stay the great company they seem to be.

nekrosoft13 12-12-08 11:20 AM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
evga, best support

Blacklash 12-12-08 12:19 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
Evga. Great support. I love their new X58 mobo too. Rocking GTX 260 Tri-SLi in it.

JohnDoe641 12-12-08 12:30 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
eVGA for sure. Every single card I've owned since replacing my 5900 all those years ago has been an evga card.

jAkUp 12-12-08 12:51 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
I like EVGA :p

jeong 12-12-08 12:53 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
That is some pretty overwhelming domination by EVGA. I guess I don't have a choice then lol....

SH64 12-12-08 03:05 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?

Originally Posted by jAkUp (Post 1873236)
I like EVGA :p

What a surprise there! :p

I prefer MSI but only because i purchased so many cards under that brand and never had a problem with them.

JasonPC 12-12-08 03:17 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
EVGA all the way!

I used to like MSI when they had their own kinds of heatsinks. Not sure if they still do that?

einstein_314 12-12-08 05:56 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
I'm going to also go with EVGA. Can't seem to beat them really. I've never had to deal with their tech support *knocks on wood* but I've heard tons of great things about them.

Feyy 12-12-08 06:09 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 1873592)


Muppet 12-12-08 06:10 PM

Re: Which brand do you prefer?
XFX here. There cards are great.

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