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Shamrock 12-13-08 10:30 PM

Has kubuntu 8.10 been neutered?
I received my kubuntu 8.10 the other day, I poked around for like 3 days straight. Messing with KDE 4.1. Here is my findings.

First, NO Firefox and NO Thunderbird. I am surprised to find OpenOffice 3, though. There is only ONE wallpaper, one complete theme, and one partial theme (consists of color and icons, opps...widgets). Now comes the biggie. I guess they figure dialup users don't use Linux? Cause they have omitted KPPP entirely. I looked in folder, every directory, and couldn't find it. So, you can assume I didn't get on the internet with it. This has discouraged me of using kubuntu at all.

The desktop is now weird. There is no more icons. If you put an icon on the desktop, it's labeled as "a widget". Probably KDE's idea, but I hate it. Even the trash bin is a widget!.

There is no games, very few applications. Not even GIMP. I suppose you could say this is beyond a "barebones" distro.

I hope OpenSuSE isn't like this. Which will be my next venture, to find the best distro for me.

Dizzle7677 01-26-09 12:19 AM

Re: Has kubuntu 8.10 been neutered?
It's all about the Gnome baby. (nana2):nutkick:

legends 04-19-09 10:50 PM

Re: Has kubuntu 8.10 been neutered?
I generally don't like big apps being included in Distros. Have an option with OpenOffice/Firefox/Thunderbird/Gimp but have a minimal install too. I guess I just end up back at Debian with some meta package or something, but that isn't very easy.

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