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Toss3 12-19-08 07:39 AM

Water cooling for 79$!
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Guru3D CoolIT Systems Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling

Advanced Liquid Cooling to the Masses for $79, I already have this kit here in the lab. And it's pretty unreal what CoolIT brings for a 79 USD product. The sample arrived really late though and with several NDA reviews I haven't even had the time to open up the package. Soon we'llr eview it though.

CoolIT Systems announces Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) that offers the technological advantages employed by high-end liquid cooling solutions of superior performance, quiet protection and years of maintenance-free operation that cannot be achieved by similarly priced heat sink/fan combinations. The unprecedented integrated status display and controls provide users with the ability to easily switch between multiple operation modes satisfying the need for quiet or the desire for overclocking performance.


Domino’s Features and Benefits include…

  • Simple Installation – Compact and light plug and play design with an innovative retention mechanism allows for quick installation into even the most crowded chassis supporting a 120mm fan. Domino ALC is universally compatible with Intel and AMD processors including Intel’s next generation Nehalem-based Core i7 processors
  • Advanced Control and Configuration – Configurable options range from whisper quiet operation to extreme cooling for overclocking…all at the touch of a button. The micro-controller auto-regulates the system in all modes of operation to ensure continuous protection.
  • Intuitive LCD Display – Conveys system status and issues a visual/audio alert notifying the user should the system require attention
  • Whisper Quiet Operation – Allows gamers to hear their games…not the cooler
  • Highly reliable – Advanced design and highly reliable components provides over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free quiet cooling
  • Other Benefits – High efficiency design allows for minimal power consumption (8W max).
  • Lightweight build places up to 70% less weight on the motherboard than heat sink/fan solutions thus removing risk of damage to vital components

hemmy 12-19-08 09:19 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
No way this outperforms high end air cooling (which is still cheaper)

Toss3 12-19-08 10:03 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!

Originally Posted by hemmy (Post 1880072)
No way this outperforms high end air cooling (which is still cheaper)

It'll definitely outperform high-end air cooling okay not out-perform but it'll at least be on par with it. :)

Eliminator 12-19-08 11:53 PM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
well according to the current reviews its not better than the best air coolers out there... so its not worth the risk of watercooling for temps that can be achieved on air

Roliath 12-20-08 01:53 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
This might not be bad for the spare rig that's using OEM c2q heatsink still..

jcrox 12-20-08 08:19 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
It's good for 1 thing: running a processor at stock speeds quietly.

XDanger 12-20-08 08:36 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
How would it perform with an extra fan? The radiator looks like it would block a lot of airflow, 1 fan doesn't seem like enough.

Toss3 ,Strap 2 decently loud 120mm x 35mm fans to it

mullet 12-20-08 09:17 AM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
Why not just use it for the GPU only?

Eliminator 12-20-08 03:29 PM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!

Originally Posted by mullet (Post 1880977)
Why not just use it for the GPU only?

but would it fit a gpu?... for a gpu it could be really good... given the crappy stock cooling solutions on modern cards...

mullet 12-20-08 05:00 PM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
Well you would have to use a different block of course.

breathemetal 12-20-08 10:06 PM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
Its not very good. Head over to xtremeforum and do some research there.

Bman212121 01-07-09 11:04 PM

Re: Water cooling for 79$!
I have a all in one water cooling setup similar to that. It is a Kingwin Arctic Liquid setup. It used 2 rads, one with an 80mm fan and the other with a 70mm fan. (If you read my other thread it's where I stole the fan from. :lol:)


It did the job, but it just didn't have enough flow to really be better than air. I would suspect the same could be said for that CoolIT system because it looks like it has 1/4" tubing. The CPU block also looks pretty thin which would also mean it doesn't flow a lot of liquid through it.

Another point is that the pump will probably make more noise than the 120mm fan does, so it's not as quiet as you might think.

From what I've seen with my kingwin unit it's best to leave the sub $100 price to air. If you really want a good liquid cooling system it's going to be closer to $200 to get 1/2" tubing and a good pump / radiator / block.

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