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intercede007 05-28-03 01:09 AM

What is up lately??????
So who opened up the circus and let all the monkeys loose? This is getting a little retarded. Where did all these half-wits come from that have decided to make Open Forum their playpen?

Gee..I'm starting to wish the NV3X would be canceled by nvidia. Maybe then we would stop getting this influx of rejects ever time a new GeForce FX part comes out.

saturnotaku 05-28-03 03:29 AM

Amen to that. Perhaps if certain other Internet forums were better moderated, controlled, etc maybe we might not have this problem. But this is getting a bit disgusting.

I'm glad to be going on vacation to get away from this for a few days. Maybe when I come back things will have calmed down some.

I have to applaud the mods and admins here because they've been doing the best they can to keep things under control. :)

PsychoSy 05-28-03 04:22 AM

Whenever Nvidia or ATi drops the ball, the clownboats set sail for the virgin seas. Simple as that. Thanks to them, my grain alcohol intake has dwarfed my fibre intake. :p

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