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zoltar 05-28-03 03:19 AM

Cheap Riva TNT 2 problem on ALi M1621 on kernel 2.4.20
My system just freezes for no visible reason, has anyone got the same problem?

Tried switching between agpgart and NV agp but nothing changed. Seems like changing color depth from 24 -> 16 made system more stable, but nothing was solved.

I know I need to buy a new motherboard and v-card, but at least I'd like to try to understand why it hangs.

By the way I'm using Redhat precompiled kernel and XFree for RH 8.0.

Thunderbird 05-28-03 04:18 AM

In the past there were huge problems with Ali socket7 chipsets and AGP. Not sure what type of chipset yours is but I wouldn't be surprised if it still is problematic. Try to disable AGP by setting NvAGP to 0. And set the agp speed to 1x (or else the other lowest setting) in your bios.

I hope it helps.

zoltar 05-29-03 03:24 AM

I tried to turn off AGP at all, but nothing changed, so I thought I should update my BIOS, but while digging there I found that I can change amount of emulated video RAM from system RAM. I set it to max - 32 megs and now everything works fine! Now it gets clearer why it was more stable on 16 bpp than 32.

Thanx anyway!

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