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Erina 05-28-03 04:28 AM

no 32bit and no 3d hw accel?
Hi All

I am a newbie to Linux but i am working on migrating from windows.

Problem: no 32bit available in setup (24bit max) and no 3d hw acceleration (greyed out)

My card is a Geforce 4 Ti4600 128mb DDR Ram
My linux is a RH8 psyche.

This is what i have done:
1. Installed the .run file - no error msg - assumed ok
2. Edited XF86Config file - nvidia instead of nv - all according to README - assumed ok

When i startup i get the Nvidia logo shown, but when i use the system settings to view my gfx settings i have GeForce 4 generic driver and driver is set to nvidia but no 3d hw acceleration is possible.

Any tips?

leibold 05-28-03 04:52 AM

24 bits of color information stored in a 32 bit word for every pixel (32bpp) is the correct maximum.

Since you are getting the nvidia splash screen everything is installed properly. Ignore the fact that the RedHat tools don't show the 3D support: they are not designed for the nvidia driver.

Just run some 3D programs and you'll see that it is enabled perfectly.

bwkaz 05-28-03 05:22 PM

Yes, 32-bit is a creation of Windows; it doesn't actually exist (it's not really a "bit depth", it's a "bits per pixel" value -- the difference is explained in the README somewhere, or at least, it used to be).

For the other thing, the README also comes to the rescue: ;)


Q: I've installed the driver, but my Enable 3D Acceleration checkbox is still
greyed out! What did I do wrong?

A: Most distribution-provided configuration applets aren't aware of the NVIDIA
accelerated driver, and consequently won't update themselves when you install
the driver. Your driver, if it has been installed properly, should function

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