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monte 05-28-03 07:15 AM

Which Driver?
I have a Riva TNT2 card running RH9 Linux.

Which driver do I need to download?

Version: 1.0-4363
Operating System: Linux IA32
Release Date: April 24, 2003

Version: 1.0-4050
Operating System: Linux IA64
Release Date: December 11, 2002


Kiamu 05-28-03 09:54 AM

if you are runnning a 32 bit system (i386,i486,pentium, athlon, etc.) try the ia32

for 64 bit systems (opteron) try the ia64.

btw ia is intel architecture and 32 and 64 should be obvious.. ;)

monte 05-28-03 10:31 AM

Ahhh!, Thanks. I wasn't sure what IA was.

monte 05-28-03 01:09 PM

Just an update.

Thanks for the help. This was by far the easiest install for me. Couldn't find the kernel link, so the software built one for me. Coooool!

Made two changes to my XF86Config file as the docs stated and rebooted. I'm on my way!

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