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shteve 05-28-03 01:25 PM

Reporting Bias
For the record, I've had loads of 3d graphics cards (I mention this to show I have no particular brand/chipset loyalty):

Rendition (V1000? - creative 3d blaster anyway)
Matrox Mystique
Matrox Millenium 2
Voodoo2, then 2 of them (SLI-monkey!) - (2d was a matrox productiva G100)
ATI Rage 128 (still with the voodoo2's for Glide games)
GF3 (pre Ti)
GF4 Ti4200
bit of a play with an ATI9500 non-pro (3 days!)
ATI 9700 non-pro

My current mobo is an nForce2 (Asus A7N8X DLX).

The recent furore over the benchmark fixing does concern me, especially the reporting of it. ATI's (so called) optmisation has essentially been ratified as a valid driver tweak by Tim Sweeney if it were to be applied to a real-world engine, yet ATI have agreed to remove it anyway as it's not in the spirit of a benchmark (like for like comparison and all that). nVidia's is an out and out cheat, pure & simple. nVidia's response is to say that futuremark just want to make them look bad.

The current "news" item from Volt about ATI's PR reponse seems to ignore this, and belittles it's content with embarrasing blinkered nVidia fanboy attitude.

I read and visit this site daily for nVidia and graphics card news/info and have done since my GF1 days, and whilst I appreciate you will have more of an nVidia leaning (everyone likes to make their team look good), I expect (read hope) that you'll think twice before sullying your good name with such blatant editorialising- especially when the facts don't support it.

digitalwanderer 05-28-03 01:32 PM

A happy and good thought, but not a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding in this atmosphere. ;)

But I do agree with ya, for what it is worth. :)

gRoUnD 05-28-03 03:29 PM

Well lets hope no-one ddos this site.

vampireuk 05-28-03 04:22 PM

If such a thing happened it would just prove that the people bothered by this are just idiots.

intercede007 05-28-03 04:24 PM

This crap again? Didn't we go through a hole big fiasco when nVidia released the NV30? Welcome to 2003 fella's. Check out CNN.com, I think you've missed some important things recently.

digitalwanderer 05-28-03 04:26 PM


Originally posted by vampireuk
If such a thing happened it would just prove that the people bothered by this are just idiots.

Idiotic DOS attacks are immature and annoying, whining about it in the forums is where it's at! ;)

shteve 05-29-03 01:06 PM

I've read my post again, and can't find any reference to launching a Denial of service attack.

And living in the UK, CNN is pretty irrelevant - I admit the 3dmark issue is pretty lame on a global scale, but it's pretty big in the world of PCs, which I thought this forum was about??

Having said that, I have been impressed with the recent updates (especially quoting Carmack's comments and the change of heart from x-bitlabs) as reported from VampireUK (and not just coz I'm scared of Mr Flibble :D ).

Maybe Volt just had a bad day, and there is no chance of us becoming the Inquirer after all :p

vampireuk 05-29-03 01:08 PM

I try to post pretty much everything NVIDIA related that I get my hands on, remember if there is something we have missed just email us about it.:cool:

shteve 05-29-03 01:23 PM

A bit O/T :) - Rob, did you ever get that A7N8X up and running?

I'm going to have a look at mine this weekend to see if it's a 1.03 or 1.04 - seeing as it was one of the first available in the UK, it's bound to be a 1.03 and not support the 400MHz FSB :rolleyes:

vampireuk 05-29-03 01:28 PM

Yeah I've had this system up and running since April now, one hell of a sweet rig to be using:cool:

shteve 05-29-03 01:41 PM

Good stuff! I'm going to be upgrading my CPU to a 333FSB 2600 this weekend, so the 400FSB is not too much of an issue - would be nice to have in reserve though.

StealthHawk 05-29-03 02:40 PM


Originally posted by shteve
I've read my post again, and can't find any reference to launching a Denial of service attack.
No one was implying YOU said there would be a DOS attack, read Ground's post.

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