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kdgassiot 05-28-03 03:01 PM

AMD64 driver updates ?
I have a couple of new AMD Opteron systems that I am trying to use the PCI version of the FX5200 cards in. The AMD64 driver version is 1.0-4180 and doesn't support the newer cards. Is there any date to get the newer driver out for the AMD64 kernel ? I am trying to get a dual head PCI card going in an dual processor Opteron motherboard. The older MX 420 PCI card are getting hard to find...


Cheshiremackat 05-29-03 02:24 AM

Worst Case...
Worst case is september when the Athlon64 comes out... I would *think* (read speculate) that we will see a new driver revision before then...

Worst case is not that bad however, unless this is a production workstation, then you might have some trouble...

What mobo are you using nforce3 pro? I ask b/c I am jonesin' for the single Opt nforce3 with an agp slot... add a 5600/5900 and that would be heaven!


kdgassiot 05-29-03 07:43 AM

I have got an anxious user who is pressing to get an 8GB workstation with 3D graphics immediately. I have a Rioworks dual-cpu server motherboard stuffed into a PC case, and am trying to get the best PCI based graphics card that I can, since the server boards don't have an AGP slot. I have a volume visualization application that requires large memory access, and the price/performance of the linux/nvidia box blows away the Sun and SGI workstations. They really don't want to keep buying 25-35 thousand dollar workstations, when we can get better performance for 5-8 thousand....

RickW80 09-12-03 10:39 AM

any time soon?
The previous messages said the new driver would be out worst case in september. It is now september 12th and there is still no new driver. I have an order I'm working on for my company for a dual opteron w/ an nvidia fx 5600 agp card (in an arima hdamb mobo). The current driver (4180) does not work with this card. Any updated timeframe as to when it will be available?

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