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scubes 01-01-09 04:39 AM

my system
well things arent as smooth cos imm STILL gettin this LOCKUP,S coming outa CRYSIS im outa of ideas here now maybe the bfg isnt compatible with the expertvision card i dono..
anyone with with a similar prob can shed some light on this??.


intel quad core 9450 @3 gig
xfx 780i (po8 bios)
bfg o\c2 280 gtx core clock 650mhz memory data 2326mhz shader clock 1404(top slot)
xpertvision 280 gtx core clock 602mhz memory data 1107 shader clock 1296
hitachi 400 gig sata
samsung 400 gig sata
samsung dvdr
hp cd writer
3 gig crucail ballistix
coolermaster stacker nvidia edition case(3 noctuas on the side door one on the top of the case)
saitek eclipse keyboard
razpr copperhead mouse
thermaltake 1500 watt psu.

plz some of yur gurus with sli give me yur ideas if any .....

its just not crysis now which i uninstalled :( its call of duty 4 and oblivion now this is happing ..come on ppl i value yur opinionson this plz...

saturnotaku 01-01-09 07:59 AM

Re: my system
Try swapping the two video cards so the one with the lower clock speed is in the top slot.

Bee_Dee_3_Dee 01-01-09 04:21 PM

Re: my system
I thought SLIed Cards had to be practically identical.

JasonPC 01-01-09 05:46 PM

Re: my system
You might have to try clocking the cards like the lower clocked card. If you are running the OC2 card in the first slot then it's running both cards at that higher clockspeed. Like saturnotaku said you can swap slots or you can use a program like Rivatuner to manually underclock it.

scubes 01-02-09 06:51 AM

Re: my system
its even freezing on the desktop now for no reason what so ever this is very weird ive never had anything like this before to be honest...

Bman212121 01-03-09 08:32 PM

Re: my system
What driver version are you using? What processor do you have and what is that running at?

Also, what kind of ram is that. Since you have 3GB I'm assuming it's 2 x 1GB and 2 x 512MB?

scubes 01-04-09 12:49 PM

Re: my system
my ram is crucial ballistix 3 1 gig sticks @ present im using foreware 177.92 i cant remeber wot nforce drivers im using my cpu is sitting @ 3 gig . ive tried resetting to defaults and it makes no diffference wot so ever im thinking the cards arent compatible.

heres alink to the ram im using..


jcrox 01-04-09 01:36 PM

Re: my system
If both cards are the same GPU and same amount of memory on the cards it's highly unlikely that its the GPU's.

First thing I would try is running with only 2GB of memory. Using 3 slots on a Dual-channel motherboard can give some strange results.

4GB of memory really is preferable over 2GB for SLI.

scubes 01-05-09 03:33 AM

Re: my system
thank you for the replys keep em coming im gonna try 2 sticks tommorrow im still using win xp. both cards on there own are perfect its just when i use sli its locks up only for a couple of seconds then it comes around but ill will try what you say with 2 sticks of ram.... thanks...

scubes 01-06-09 03:51 AM

Re: my system
well after changing my drivers yesterday the the 185.20 i never had a problem all day and it was spent gaming(oblivion cod 4 and cod5 and pure not one lockup wot so ever.now today might be a different story so here goes gonna play some games. i dont think the installer installed the physx software cos its not in add remove prgs everything is default in the drivers. ill report back later....

UPDATE had a nv4 display error 2 mins into oblivion rebooted after that all is fine.

john19055 01-06-09 08:11 AM

Re: my system
Which ever card you put in the first slot is the speed both cards will run.If you put the BFG in the first slot then both cards will run at the default speed of the BFG.If you put the xpertvision 280 gtx in the first slot then that is what both cards will run.I have a BFG GTX 280OCX clocked at 666/1458/2400 and my other BFG is just a plian one clocked at 602/1296/2216 ,but I made sure that my plain BFG would overclock to the speed Of my BFG GTX 280 OCX and it worked perfect at 666/1458/2400,so I put my fastest card in slot one .If you keep haveing problems then you will need to put the slower card in slot one and you can use RivaTuner to over clock them to get the best speed out of them .The easest way would be to put you xpertvision 280 gtx in slot one by itself and run RivaTuner to see how far it will overclock without any problems .Then you could put you BFG back in in the secound slot and then you will know where they need to be set at when overclocking.

scubes 01-06-09 12:36 PM

Re: my system
i have my expertvision in slot 1 and the bfg card is in slot 3 as i said above i changed my drivers havent had a locpup in a while just anv4 display error but after reboot its fine thanks for the reply keep em coming i dont sue riva tuner havent overclocked a card in years lol...

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