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stereod 01-03-09 12:04 PM

Is my 6800 GT dead?
Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here :)

After a long session of ETQW my system hang completely (besides that it was very loud, I think that it was video card fan spinning at max speed).
After reboot, Windows boot screen was covered with vertical, dotted lines, after that monitor goes black...

BIOS screen was covered with similar vertical, dotted lines, but Windows safe mode, strangely, has no graphical corruption.

So, does that mean that the memory on the card was damaged due to overheating?
Is there anything that can be done?

CaptNKILL 01-05-09 01:14 AM

Re: Is my 6800 GT dead?
It sounds like its dead or dying, but there is a small chance that it could be a heat problem.

If your card has the standard nvidia-designed "flat" heat sink it should have a few small screws on the face of it. If you take those off and clean any dust clumps out of there it may fix your problem. Mine had a dust clog in it within 4 months after I bought it and I was getting insanely high temperatures. I opened it up and cleaned it out and it ran fine until I sold it about a year later.

stereod 01-05-09 02:24 AM

Re: Is my 6800 GT dead?
Yeah, it has a reference flat cooler on it, but I cleaned it a few weeks ago.
Damage seems permanent, since even after a cold start BIOS is still covered with vertical lines.

Probably it's the 6800 GT telling me that it's time for an upgrade, Northwood Pentium 4 just doesn't cut it anymore :)

CaptNKILL 01-05-09 02:45 AM

Re: Is my 6800 GT dead?
Yeah, definitely time for an upgrade. :)

Its a great time for it too. You can get some killer hardware for half of what you would have spent on high end hardware a few years ago.

I just helped my brother upgrade his system to a Q9400, a very nice Gigabyte P45 board and 4Gb of DDR2-1000. He used a special deal on ebay to get the CPU for around $170, the ram was around $40 and the motherboard was around $115. Using his "old" Thermalright XP-120C we cranked his CPU up to 3.66Ghz (1Ghz overclock) and its barely breaking a sweat. Its a hell of a system for the money. That upgrade probably cost him less than half of what a new i7 system would have cost and in most gaming situations it probably doesn't perform much differently.

stereod 01-05-09 03:38 AM

Re: Is my 6800 GT dead?
I am considering building a similar system - P45 board, 4 gigs of memory, but I haven't decided on the processor yet (Q9400 vs Q6600), Q6600 is very attractive - it's dirt cheap and despite it's "age" it's still very fast.
I have Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme lying around, so I will be overclocking whichever one I decide to get...

Anyway, this is getting a little bit off topic, sorry :o
I will, probably, make a "Rate my build" thread sometime later, but for now, thanks for your replays Captn! :captnkill:

mojoman0 01-05-09 07:13 PM

Re: Is my 6800 GT dead?
Q6600 just pisses me off because it hasn't dropped price in a friggen year. ridiculous

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