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six_storm 01-05-09 09:45 AM

DirecTV and TV Tuners
Does anybody know if DirecTV receivers play nice with TV tuner cards? I thought about reinstalling my Visiontek 650HD card to my receiver and seeing if it will work or not. Any thoughts or experiences?

k_ozz 03-02-09 04:40 PM

Re: DirecTV and TV Tuners
A long time back I had a ATI TV Tuner Card(cant remember which one) in my PC, I had my direct tv hooked up to it with the standard video cable, and the audio going to my soundblaster, it worked fine as a TV.

k_ozz 03-17-09 05:13 PM

Re: DirecTV and TV Tuners

Mr Bigman 03-29-09 01:25 AM

Re: DirecTV and TV Tuners
You only getting analog though.

My wife uses the setup and we did the Haupauge rgb usb box which comes with alot of cool software and captures input for rgb highdef but we had to do some drm **** to get the content to appear right on the screen but overall its worth it or go with the homerun usb their good cards if you want to go above analog shawvimers.

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