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Zdenek Sojka 01-05-09 08:39 PM

96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash
5 Attachment(s)

I have posted this question at forums.nvidia.com, but nobody could help, so I am trying to ask here:

I have problem starting X with nvidia drivers since driver versions 96.43 and 71.86. These drivers are needed to run at kernel 2.6.23 or newer. They crash at older kernels too.
The crashing instruction is access to CR4 (to turn on/off PG bit), that in not present in this processor.

I tried turning on/off MTRR, PAT and AGP support in kernel with no success. I tested various kernel versions, too. CPU type in kernel config is Pentium-MMX.
I can compile and run 96.39 and 71.85 (with config.h symlink so it compiles) at 2.6.22 or older kernel, they work fine there.
I can't run any newer driver version with this card.

System info:
GeForce 4 MX 4000 PCI
Linux turok #1 Mon Jan 5 23:33:40 CET 2009 i586 Pentium MMX GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

broken 96.43 and 71.86
working 96.39 and 71.85
GeForce 4 MX 4000 PCI
Pentium MMX - Illegal instruction in nVidia driver code

Attached files:
Attached logs are only from driver 96.43.07, the situation is very similiar for 96.43.xx 71.86.xx.

startx-output.txt - what I get when I run startx
nvidia-bug-report.log - report created before startx
nvidia-bug-report-after-crash.log - report created after startx ; script locks up
edit: nvidia-bug-report-modprobe.log - report created after 'modprobe nvidia', but without 'startx'
edit: Xorg.0.log - logfile from 'startx -- -logverbose 6'

Thunderbird 01-06-09 02:41 AM

Re: 96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash
First of all why are you such an ancient system? Kernel options like MTRR, AGP don't help as neither your cpu nor motherboard has these features (the same I think for PAT). I would recommend replacing the system. I think you can get a lot better system for free and I don't expect Nvidia to fix this issue as a system like yours is very, very, very rare.

Linuxhippy 01-06-09 01:45 PM

Re: 96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash
I disagree. Legacy drivers are here to support legacy systems, nobody expects highest performance with the 71.xx series driver.

- Clemens

pe1chl 01-06-09 03:01 PM

Re: 96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash
In general it is wise not to try to keep up with the latest software versions (Linux kernels in this case) on an old system.
At one time or another you will always run into a problem like this.
The developers at some time stop testing on really old systems, it can be fine for some time, but unavoidably the moment comes that they break something...
(it could just as well happen in the kernel itself)

Zdenek Sojka 01-10-09 08:36 AM

Re: 96.43 or 71.86, Pentium-MMX, GF4MX4000 PCI - crash
Thanks for replies.

Why am I reporting this?
I bougt an nVidia card, it was running fine on my old system, and now it stopped working. There are no other problems with that system, even the most recent kernels boot fine, just the nvidia module doesn't work.

I use it to watch online TV (in reduced resolution of course).

I see no reason why I shouldn't be asking here about this problem. If the Pentium-and-older systems aren't supported anymore, why wasn't in mentioned in the release notes?
This way I consider it to be an unwanted, buggy, behaviour.

I think specially 71.xx and 96.xx series drivers should be tested at older systems, because that's where people use these old cards...

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