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ejamerson 01-06-09 07:08 PM

Nvidia driver fails to boot X on Debian
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Every time I boot my Debian Operating System, X tries to start, but
fails. It gives me the option of seeing the output, and when viewed,
the only thing I see of concern is that it can't find the proper path
to certain fonts. I have tried searching for a solution on the
internet, but to no avail. I tried commenting out the "problematic
fonts" in my xorg.conf file, but that didn't work. Due to the fact
that commenting out the "problematic fonts" did not work, I am fairly
certain that my problem (of X not starting properly) is not related to
the font issue.

The only (hopefully temporary) solution I have found to deal with it is
every time my computer starts up, I hit alt+F1, I stop gdm, I reinstall
the nvidia driver, and then I start gdm. This allows X to start, and
everything works fine (direct rendering is enabled, etc). This only
solves my problem until I reboot or shut-down, though.

I have searched google pages for hours, and have tried everything I can
think of--but nothing has been able to permanately fix my problem.

Attached is my nvidia-bug-report.log
If I need to attach something else, please let me know

thanks in advance =D (nana2)

Lysius 01-07-09 11:44 AM

Re: Nvidia driver fails to boot X on Debian
You could try running the installer with --kernel-module-only or --no-kernel-module to see, if it is the kernel module or the libraries beeing messed up.

Do you have any unpurged remains of some nvidia driver installed by a deb package on your system? Perhaps it's some init script that tries to do some setup for a packaged driver.

bhagabhi 01-07-09 06:36 PM

Re: Nvidia driver fails to boot X on Debian
If I don't remember completely wrong I ran into something similar when I was still on etch...
Try this: Uninstall the debian packaged version of the driver (nvidia-glx and its corresponding kernel nvidia-kernel) - Then check your /etc/init.d/ folder, it shouldn't contain any file that starts with nvidia* - if it does remove it. Then run the nvidia sh installer, and you should be set.

ejamerson 01-08-09 12:58 AM

Re: Nvidia driver fails to boot X on Debian
thank you both for your replies and willingness to help... I went with bhagabhi's reply, since he/she said that he/she had encountered a problem similar to this...

after uninstalling both, I went in to my init.d folder--and sure enough, there was a file called "nvidia-glx".. after removing that file and reinstalling the driver, I haven't had any problems with it booting...

considering the fact that this is my second post on this forum, I don't know if I need to mark this as solved, or mod anybody up or anything... I can't find a button or link for either, so I'm doing neither.

thanks again to both of you!

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