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derdhal 05-29-03 04:25 AM

how to install glibc update?
I have download glibc updated version from a red hat server.
It requieres to install its glibc-common file.
I get the glibc-common (same version) from the rh site, but then it says that a previous version of glibc-common is requiered by the installed glibc(?).When i tried to rpm -e the installed glibc it refuses becaus several files depend on it.
How can I install this two files?
Does I need any other lib before the glibc-common?
Doing rpm -ivh glibc-common shows a list of conflics with the previous version but rpm -Uvh Glibc-common says that the previous version is not installed or requiered by the existing glibc!!!.
Help please.

bwkaz 05-29-03 05:42 PM

What glibc version do you have?

If you have 2.2.X, then don't upgrade -- 2.2.X from RedHat works OK; the issue was with early versions of 2.3.X. And 2.3.X won't work with programs that are compiled for 2.2.X.

If you have 2.3.X (AKA RedHat 9), then you should be able to rpm -ivh both files at the same time.

derdhal 05-30-03 04:35 AM

Yes, it is Redhat 9,but...
When I try to rpm -ivh the glibc-common file the terminal shows a long list of conflics with the installed version, and seems that the update is not installed because when I try to rpm -ivh the glibc file says that its common file is not installed.Of course the main lib and the common are the same version.
Any idea?

bwkaz 05-30-03 05:58 PM

rpm -ivh glibc* doesn't work? If it doesn't, then what (exactly) is it saying?

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