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jrawle 01-09-09 06:26 PM

180.22 breaks Kuickshow
The new driver breaks the kuickshow image viewer for me. The entire kuickshow window is corrupted - either the image is messed up, or else it shows part of another window entirely, e.g. my Firefox window.

Reverting to 177.82 fixes the problem, but that means I can't use kernel 2.6.28.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this, or is there a configuration option I can set to fix it?

jrawle 01-09-09 06:38 PM

Re: 180.22 breaks Kuickshow
Solved my own problem. Should have read the release notes before posting :rolleyes2

They've disabled shared memory X pixmaps by default, and apparently this is what kuickshow/imlib uses. They say, "These pixmaps prevent the NVIDIA driver from performing a number of optimizations and degrade performance in many circumstances." Unfortunately, if you use kuickshow, disabling these pixmaps causes a considerable degradation of functionality!

Anyway, it's fixed with:
Option "AllowSHMPixmaps" "true"

AaronP 01-09-09 11:18 PM

Re: 180.22 breaks Kuickshow
Works for me with Ubuntu's kuickshow-4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2 package. SHM pixmaps were always an optional part of the MIT-SHM extension, so if kuickshow doesn't work without them, then that's a bug in kuickshow. Note that EXA drivers don't support these either, so kuickshow should have the same problem on those.

NvFuchs 01-10-09 06:55 AM

Re: 180.22 breaks Kuickshow
As an alternative you can always try gwenview, (it is, despite it's name, a KDE application) which has about the same functionality as kuickshow has but works, at least for me, better in general.


jrawle 01-10-09 07:11 AM

Re: 180.22 breaks Kuickshow
I had to build Kuickshow myself as it's no longer supported by Redhat distributions. Maybe there's a compile option I can change to prevent it using SHM.

Is that Ubuntu package a KDE4 version of Kuickshow (presumably using compatibility KDE3 libraries)? I've asked before on KDE mailing lists about the future of Kuickshow, and their attitude was much the same as NvFuchs above. As far as I'm concerned, they may as well say "Use Windows instead!" No image viewer provides all the functions of Kuickshow in such a convenient way - I've tried many. We shouldn't be trying to make everyone use the same apps! I'm actually planning to port Kuickshow to qt4 eventually if no-one else is going to do it. I don't see moving to imlib2 as essential, though, as it hapily coexists with imlib.

jrawle 01-10-09 08:36 AM

Re: 180.22 breaks Kuickshow
It appears imlib requires shared pixmaps. This has been fixed on Debian-based distributions, which explains why kuickshow works in Ubuntu. See this bug report:

Edit: I've now updated to imlib 1.9.15, rebuilt kuickshow and it now works with shared pixmaps disabled.

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