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argon99 01-13-09 04:35 AM

HDTV issues
Hello All

I have a GeForce 9400 GT with, supposedly, HDTV capabilities. But the only HDTV output that will work is 480p. All of the other HDTV settings give a black screen. I am using a componet cable to connect to the TV. Also TVOverscan does nothing. I did read on another forum that TVOverscan is nolonger supported by NVidia but it is still in the read me so what gives?

Also if Overscan is no longer supported what was the last driver that did support it?

Does anybody have any info about getting other HDTV settings to work? Is this a driver issue or a card issue or what? If it's a driver issue what driver should I try? If it's a card issue how does one find out what settings work, or don't work, on what card?

It probably doesn't matter but I am using OpenSuse with 177.82 Nvidia driver.


wolzen 01-31-09 11:44 AM

Re: HDTV issues
well i use a 32 inch 720p plasma hdtv and it's connected by a dvi to hdmi cable and it works fine for me

btw i use a asus radeon 4850 that could be wjhy it works too though not sure havent tried using my nvidia card yet

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