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tld 01-13-09 11:29 AM

177.82 freeze with opengl xscreensaver
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I had to downgrade to the 173.14.15 driver because of freezes I've been experiencing with 177.82. Here are the circumstances under which this occurs:

When an opengl xscreensaver activates while I have video paused in MythTV (which is using xv) I frequently get serious freezes where doing a Ctrl-Alt-Backspace won't even respond. At that point MythTV grabs the entire CPU and various other processes lock up. Sometimes I can't even shell into the machine as other processes apparently lock up.

I've attached a bug report, though a few important notes about it:

1) I was, for reasons unknown, unable to reproduce the freezes with --logverbose, so the bug report was run without it.
2) I took me several tries to even get into the machine remotely during the freeze as it seems to lock up sshd sometimes. When I finally did, the freeze caused nvidia-bug-report.sh to hang until I opened another shell and killed the mythfrontend process...so I don't know whether or not the report captured the pertinent info.

That's the best I could do, and I risked my hard drives by powering my machine off several times getting it.

Thanks in advance.


Windseeker 01-13-09 01:00 PM

Re: 177.82 freeze with opengl xscreensaver
Since 177.82 is not the latest released driver, I'd ask you to try 180.22 first if that changes anything.

tld 01-13-09 06:45 PM

Re: 177.82 freeze with opengl xscreensaver
I'm going to as soon as they're available in the Gentoo portage repository...though I don't look forward to it seeing the reports of similar lockups with that.

We're talking about lockups that can require powering off a running system, as sshd can even lock up...seriously nasty stuff. I may just stick with 173.14.15 until I hear about a problem being found and corrected.


tld 01-18-09 10:47 AM

Re: 177.82 freeze with opengl xscreensaver
I've discovered that this only occurs if I set MythTV to use opengl vertical sync. I enabled RTC in my kernel and started using that instead and it appears to be impossible to reproduce the freeze.


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