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Zoidberg 01-14-09 03:00 AM

Is there GFX diag tool?
Hello all

A while ago I upgraded my graphics card and recently I bought a few extra bits and pieces to make use of the old one in a second pc.

It is a sapphire x1950 pro 256MB pci-e, anyway having assembled my second pc installed the OS and drivers etc i ran some graphics stress test (no overclocking) all of which crash after 5 or so seconds in.

I assumed it was a heat issue and so bought a replacement heatsink and fan (zalman vf700-ALCu)

It is now as cool as a cucumber 32c at idle to 40 odd under stress (so sayeth GPUZ)

but the crashing remains.

I have managed to play HL2 for an hour or so with decent frame rates.

Incidentally It has been sat in draw for many months in its original packaging beforehand.

so I wondering if there is a method of finding out if the card is damaged or whether the problem lies in software.

Intel E2200
2gb ddr2 667
sapphire x1950 pro 256mb pci-e

All help is greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, 1st post.

newls1 01-14-09 06:30 AM

Re: Is there GFX diag tool?
after the OS was finished installing, your first software install was the INTEL INF drivers correct? Then go to windows update, and update windows, then install all other drivers.....

Zoidberg 01-14-09 06:44 AM

Re: Is there GFX diag tool?
Windows-chipset drivers-graphics drivers-windows update

is what I did

Are you saying the last two should be reversed?

newls1 01-14-09 08:27 AM

Re: Is there GFX diag tool?
im sure what you did is OK, however I have always done it this way:

1 install XP
2 install intel inf files
3 install lan driver
4 completely update windows (this takes multiple times of hitting update, and restarts)
5 install the newest DX update from MS downloads (typically about 70mb's worth of updates.
6 then install sound card driver
7 install GPU driver(s)

I find doing it this way allows my GPU to NOT USE the same IRQ with anything else. If I install my sound card before the GPU, they will share the same IRQ and I get micro-stutters it seems from this.

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